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Detailed Translations for te from Spanish to English


te adj

  1. te (a ti)
    you; to you

Translation Matrix for te:

OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
thee os; te; ti; tu; ; ustedes; vosotras; vosotros usted
thou os; te; ti; tu; ; ustedes; vosotras; vosotros usted
you os; te; ti; tu; tuya; tuyo; ; ustedes; vosotras; vosotros os; usted; ustedes; vosotros; vuestra; vuestro
your te; ti; tu; tuya; tuyo Su
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
to you a ti; te
you a ti; te
your su; suyo; tu; tuyo

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Wiktionary Translations for te:

  1. name of the letter T, t
  1. Objective case of 'thou'
  2. object pronoun: the person being addressed
  3. (reflexive) your own self

Cross Translation:
te thee; you jou — tweede persoon enkelvoud (accusatief) ((datief)) informeel
te thou; you jij — aangesproken persoon enkelvoud informeel

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