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  1. vértice
    the corner point
    – An anchor point where the two handles are fully retracted, so they're sitting "inside" the node itself and cannot be selected. 1
  2. vértice
    the vertex
    – A handle at intersections between segments, lines or curves that comprise a shape. 1
  3. vértice
    the vertex
    – The highest point of a curve, the point where a curve ends, or the point where two line segments meet in a polygon or freeform path. 1

Translation Matrix for vértice:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
corner point vértice
vertex vértice cumbre; pico; punto más alto; tope; vértice de un ángulo

Synonyms for "vértice":

Wiktionary Translations for vértice:

  1. highest point
  2. anatomy: highest surface on skull
  3. geometry: corner of a polygon or polyhedron
  4. graph theory: element joined by edges to other vertices

Cross Translation:
vértice vertex VertexGeometrie: Eckpunkt eines Polygons
vértice peak; point; summit; tip; apex; highlight; zenith; acme; end; ending; conclusion; finish; termination boutpartie extrême d’une chose.
vértice peak; point; summit; tip; apex; highlight; zenith; acme; climax; culmination cime — La partie la plus haute d’une montagne, d’un rocher, d’un arbre, etc.
vértice peak; point; summit; tip; apex; highlight; zenith; acme pointeextrémité piquante et aiguë de quelque chose que ce être.
vértice vertex sommet — Définition 3, géométrie|nocat=1 point commun aux deux côtés d’un angle :

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