Detailed Translations for achat from French to English


achat [le ~] noun

  1. l'achat (acquisition; emplette)
    the acquisition; the purchase; the gain; the shoppings; the profit
  2. l'achat (acquisition; obtention; affaire)
    the acquisition; the buy; the procurance; the purchasing; the obtaining
    the purchase
    – the acquisition of something for payment 1
    • purchase [the ~] noun
      • they closed the purchase with a handshake1
    the buying
    – the act of buying 1
    • buying [the ~] noun
      • buying and selling fill their days1
    the acquiring
    – the act of acquiring something 1
    • acquiring [the ~] noun
      • I envied his talent for acquiring1
  3. l'achat
    the purchase

Translation Matrix for achat:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acquiring achat; acquisition; affaire; obtention apprentissage
acquisition achat; acquisition; affaire; emplette; obtention
buy achat; acquisition; affaire; obtention
buying achat; acquisition; affaire; obtention
gain achat; acquisition; emplette avantage; bénéfice; gain; productivité; profit; rendement
obtaining achat; acquisition; affaire; obtention obtention
procurance achat; acquisition; affaire; obtention
profit achat; acquisition; emplette aubaine; avantage; bénéfice; gain; productivité; profit; rendement; solde bénéficiaire; utilité
purchase achat; acquisition; affaire; emplette; obtention absorption; annexion; incorporation
purchasing achat; acquisition; affaire; obtention
shoppings achat; acquisition; emplette
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
buy acheter; acquérir; s'acheter; se procurer
gain acquérir; apprendre; atteindre; gagner; gagner en poids; obtenir; parvenir à; percevoir; prendre communication; prendre connaissance; prendre des kilos; rattraper; recevoir; recevoir communication; rejoindre; réaliser; récupérer; s'alourdir; s'instruire; se mettre au courant; toucher
purchase acheter; acquérir; s'acheter; se procurer

Synonyms for "achat":

Wiktionary Translations for achat:

achat achat
  1. the act or process of seeking and obtaining something
  2. individual item one has purchased

Cross Translation:
achat buying; shopping; purchase Einkauf — das Erwerben von etwas gegen Geld
achat purchase Kauf — der entgeltliche Erwerb einer Ware
achat purchase Ankauf — der Erwerb von Wertstücken
achat purchase aankoop — datgene wat men aankoopt

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