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Detailed Translations for clivage from French to English


clivage [le ~] noun

  1. le clivage
    the fissure; the splitting; the cracking

Translation Matrix for clivage:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cracking clivage craquement; crevasse; crépitement; fissure; fêlure; gerçure; rupture
fissure clivage blanc; cannelure; coupe-feu; crevasse; encoche; entaille; entrebâillement; espace; fente; fissure; gorge; gouffre; interligne; intervalle; pare-feu; pause; précipice; rainure; ravin; sillon; tranchée
splitting clivage bifurcation; carrefour; dénonciation; embranchement; fourche; fractionnement; jonction; point d'intersection; ramification; rapportage

Synonyms for "clivage":

Wiktionary Translations for clivage:

  1. chemistry: the splitting of a large molecule into smaller ones
  2. the act or the state
  3. mineralogy: tendency of a crystal