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Detailed Translations for contrat from French to English


contrat [le ~] noun

  1. le contrat (accord; convention)
    the agreement; the contract
  2. le contrat (fait commun; accord; communauté; convention)
    the communality; the community
  3. le contrat
    the contract
  4. le contrat
    the contract
    – A Service Broker object that defines the message types that can be exchanged within a given conversation. 1
  5. le contrat
    the contract
    – An agreement to provide customer service support during specified coverage dates or for a specified number of cases or length of time. When customers contact customer service, the level of support they receive is determined by their contract. 1
  6. le contrat
    the contract
    – A formal or legally binding agreement between two or more parties. 1
  7. le contrat
    the contract
    – The behavior and state that a class provides, which is matched with what a client of that class can expect to hold. A contract is expressed partly by the signatures for all public fields, methods, properties, and events of that class. This is augmented by a description (usually in simple descriptive text) of what each field or property represents, together with what each method does. In the .NET Framework add-in programming model, a non-versioning interface that defines the methods and specifies the data types for transferring data over the communication pipeline between the host and the add-in. The contract is in the middle of the communication pipeline between the add-in and the host. The contract assembly is loaded into the application domains of both the add-in and the host. 1
  8. le contrat (tâche; incident; demande de devis)
    the case; the contract; the job
    – A customer service issue or problem reported by a customer and the activities that customer service representatives use to resolve it. 1

Translation Matrix for contrat:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
agreement accord; contrat; convention acceptation; accord; alliance; approbation; arrangement; autorisation; coalition; compromis; confédération; consentement; convention; corporation; disposition; fédération; liaison; ligue; pacte; permission; rapport; relation; syndicat; traité; union
case contrat; demande de devis; incident; tâche affaire; affaire judiciaire; boîte; caisse; caisse à claire-voie; cas; clayette; différend; fait; petit tiroir; point à l'ordre du jour; problème; question; tiroir; trousse à stylos; étui
communality accord; communauté; contrat; convention; fait commun
community accord; communauté; contrat; convention; fait commun bloc d'habitation; cellule de cohabitants; collectivité; communauté; communauté d'habitation; commune; municipalité; paroisse; rapports; relations; société
contract accord; contrat; convention; demande de devis; incident; tâche
job contrat; demande de devis; incident; tâche activité; boulot; bricole; corvée; emploi; fonction; job; labeur; lieu de travail; métier; nomination; occupation; office; petit travail; position; poste; profession; service salarié; situation; travail; tâche; voie; élection
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
contract attraper; conclure un contrat; contracter; crisper; engager par contrat; froncer; resserrer; se contracter

Synonyms for "contrat":

Wiktionary Translations for contrat:

  1. convention (même non écrite) entre deux ou plusieurs personnes, plus précisément entre un ou plusieurs créancier et un ou plusieurs débiteur, ayant pour effet de créer entre elles une obligation (obligation conventionnelle).
  1. murder for criminal or political purposes
  2. agreement, arrangement
  3. agreement that is legally binding
  4. legally binding contract enforceable in a court of law

Cross Translation:
contrat contract contract — een schriftelijk vastgelegde overeenkomst
contrat agreement; contract; pact Vertrag — rechtliche Vereinbarung zwischen mindestens zwei verschiedenen Partnern

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