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Detailed Translations for horloge from French to English


horloge [la ~] noun

  1. l'horloge (cloche; pendule)
    the clock; the clockwork; the timepiece
  2. l'horloge (montre; pendule; clochette; )
    the wristwatch; the clock; the clockwork
    the pocket watch
    – a watch that is carried in a small watch pocket 1
  3. l'horloge (cloche)
    the tower clock; the church bell


  1. horloge (horloge système)
    the clock; the system clock
    – The electronic circuit in a computer that generates a steady stream of timing pulses--the digital signals that synchronize every operation. The system clock signal is precisely set by a quartz crystal, typically at a specific frequency between 1 and 50 megahertz. The clock rate of a computer is one of the prime determinants of its overall processing speed, and it can go as high as the other components of the computer allow. 2

Translation Matrix for horloge:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
church bell cloche; horloge cloche de l'église
clock cloche; clochette; horloge; horloge système; montre; pendule; sonnerie; sonnette compteur; pendule; taximètre
clockwork cloche; clochette; horloge; montre; pendule; sonnerie; sonnette
pocket watch cloche; clochette; horloge; montre; pendule; sonnerie; sonnette
system clock horloge; horloge système
timepiece cloche; horloge; pendule
tower clock cloche; horloge
wristwatch cloche; clochette; horloge; montre; pendule; sonnerie; sonnette
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
clock chronométrer

Synonyms for "horloge":

Wiktionary Translations for horloge:

  1. horloge
  1. instrument to measure or keep track of time

Cross Translation:
horloge clock; time piece uurwerk — een mechaniek dat de tijd bijhoudt of aangeeft
horloge tower clock Turmuhr — eine große Uhr die in einem Turm montiert ist
horloge ticker; watch; clock UhrInstrument zur Messung der Zeit, Chronometer

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