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Detailed Translations for galerie from Dutch to English


galerie [de ~ (v)] noun

  1. de galerie (kunstgalerie)
    the gallery; the art gallery
  2. de galerie
    the gallery
    – A window or menu that presents an array or grid of visual choices to a user for selection. 1

Translation Matrix for galerie:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
art gallery galerie; kunstgalerie kunstzaal; museum; museumzaal
gallery galerie; kunstgalerie arcade; gaanderij; galerij; kunstzaal; museumzaal; torenomgang; trans; zuilengang

Related Words for "galerie":

  • galeries

Wiktionary Translations for galerie:

  1. een ruimte waar kunstwerken, veelal schilderijen, uitgestald worden en te koop worden aangeboden

Cross Translation:
galerie gallery Galerie — Abkürzung für Gemäldegalerie



  1. Galerie
    the Gallery
    – An area of the user interface that displays the available templates and recently used files within an Office for Mac applications. The gallery opens automatically when you open an application. You can also open the gallery from the File menu and a toolbar button. 1

Translation Matrix for Galerie:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Gallery Galerie