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de adj

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Translation Matrix for de:

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den de
det de het; opdat; zodat
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det de dat

Wiktionary Translations for de:

Cross Translation:
de ha möjlighet att; i stånd att; kapabel able — permitted to
de grina sneer — raise a corner of the upper lip slightly in scorn
de den; det; de; -n; -en; -t; -et; -na; -a the — article
de den; det; de; -n; -en; -t; -et; -na; -a the — used as an alternative to a possessive pronoun before body parts
de den; det; de the — stressed, indicating that the object in question is the only one worthy of attention
de den; det; de the — with an adjectival noun, as in “the hungry” to mean “hungry people”
de -n; -en; -t; -et; -na; -a the — used with the name of a member of a class to refer to all things in that class
de du; ni; Du; Ni you — the individual or group spoken/written to

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