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Detailed Translations for manick from Swedish to German


manick [-en] noun

  1. manick (grej; apparat; pryl)
    die Neuigkeit; der Modeartikel
  2. manick (grej; pryl)
    der Nippes; die Nippsache

Translation Matrix for manick:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Modeartikel apparat; grej; manick; pryl
Neuigkeit apparat; grej; manick; pryl budskap; nyheter; nyhetsrapport; nymodighet; tidender
Nippes grej; manick; pryl billiga smycken; kiselsten; smycken; småsten; utsmyckning
Nippsache grej; manick; pryl billiga smycken; kiselsten; liten sak; obetydlighet; smula; smycken; småsten; utsmyckning

Synonyms for "manick":

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Cross Translation:
manick Dingsda; Dingsbums doohickey — a thing