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Detailed Translations for lean on from English to French

lean on:

to lean on verb (leans on, leant on, leaning on)

  1. to lean on (lean against; rest on)
  2. to lean on (rest on)
    • appuyer verb (appuie, appuies, appuyons, appuyez, )

Conjugations for lean on:

  1. lean on
  2. lean on
  3. leans on
  4. lean on
  5. lean on
  6. lean on
simple past
  1. leant on
  2. leant on
  3. leant on
  4. leant on
  5. leant on
  6. leant on
present perfect
  1. have leant on
  2. have leant on
  3. has leant on
  4. have leant on
  5. have leant on
  6. have leant on
past continuous
  1. was leaning on
  2. were leaning on
  3. was leaning on
  4. were leaning on
  5. were leaning on
  6. were leaning on
  1. shall lean on
  2. will lean on
  3. will lean on
  4. shall lean on
  5. will lean on
  6. will lean on
continuous present
  1. am leaning on
  2. are leaning on
  3. is leaning on
  4. are leaning on
  5. are leaning on
  6. are leaning on
  1. be leant on
  2. be leant on
  3. be leant on
  4. be leant on
  5. be leant on
  6. be leant on
  1. lean on!
  2. let's lean on!
  3. leant on
  4. leaning on
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for lean on:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
appuyer lean on; rest on advise; agree; appoint; approve; back up; base; carry; carry along; co-operate; comfort; consider; dent; elect; impress; nominate; pinch; present; press; prop; prop up; propose; push in; recommend; shore; squeeze; suggest; support; tap
s'adosser à lean against; lean on; rest on lean
- lean against; rest on

Synonyms for "lean on":

Related Definitions for "lean on":

  1. rest on for support1
    • you can lean on me if you get tired1

Wiktionary Translations for lean on:

lean on
  1. (argot) frapper violemment.

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