Detailed Translations for approve from English to French


to approve verb (approves, approved, approving)

  1. to approve (acknowledge; accept)
    approuver; ratifier; homologuer
    • approuver verb (approuve, approuves, approuvons, approuvez, )
    • ratifier verb (ratifie, ratifies, ratifions, ratifiez, )
    • homologuer verb (homologue, homologues, homologuons, homologuez, )
  2. to approve (back up; support; agree; shore)
    soutenir; approuver; appuyer; consentir
    • soutenir verb (soutiens, soutient, soutenons, soutenez, )
    • approuver verb (approuve, approuves, approuvons, approuvez, )
    • appuyer verb (appuie, appuies, appuyons, appuyez, )
    • consentir verb (consens, consent, consentons, consentez, )
  3. to approve (agree; back up)
    approuver; consentir; donner raison; souscrire à; être d'accord avec
    • approuver verb (approuve, approuves, approuvons, approuvez, )
    • consentir verb (consens, consent, consentons, consentez, )

Conjugations for approve:

  1. approve
  2. approve
  3. approves
  4. approve
  5. approve
  6. approve
simple past
  1. approved
  2. approved
  3. approved
  4. approved
  5. approved
  6. approved
present perfect
  1. have approved
  2. have approved
  3. has approved
  4. have approved
  5. have approved
  6. have approved
past continuous
  1. was approving
  2. were approving
  3. was approving
  4. were approving
  5. were approving
  6. were approving
  1. shall approve
  2. will approve
  3. will approve
  4. shall approve
  5. will approve
  6. will approve
continuous present
  1. am approving
  2. are approving
  3. is approving
  4. are approving
  5. are approving
  6. are approving
  1. be approved
  2. be approved
  3. be approved
  4. be approved
  5. be approved
  6. be approved
  1. approve!
  2. let's approve!
  3. approved
  4. approving
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for approve:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
homologuer homologate
soutenir adhere to; be attached to; support
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
approuver accept; acknowledge; agree; approve; back up; shore; support admit; agree to; allow; assent to; authorise; authorize; concede; confirm; consent to; endorse; give one's fiat to; grant; permit; sanction; submit to; tolerate; validate
appuyer agree; approve; back up; shore; support advise; appoint; base; carry; carry along; co-operate; comfort; consider; dent; elect; impress; lean on; nominate; pinch; present; press; prop; prop up; propose; push in; recommend; rest on; shore; squeeze; suggest; support; tap
consentir agree; approve; back up; shore; support accept; admit; agree; agree to; agree with; allocate; allot; allow; assent to; assign; authorise; authorize; bestow on; concede; confer; confirm; consent to; correspond to; endorse; fit; give; give in; give one's fiat to; go to great pains; grant; match; permit; sanction; submit to; take pains; tolerate; try hard; validate; yield
donner raison agree; approve; back up
homologuer accept; acknowledge; approve
ratifier accept; acknowledge; approve agree to; assent; assent to; authenticate; authorise; authorize; bear out; certify; confirm; consent to; guarantee; notice; ratify; sanction; seal; signal; support; underwrite; uphold; validate; vouch for; warrant
souscrire à agree; approve; back up
soutenir agree; approve; back up; shore; support be of the opinion; bear; carry; carry along; co-operate; comfort; do as if; endure; feign; hold up; keep up; pretend; prop; prop up; sham; shore; stand; support; sustain; take the view
être d'accord avec agree; approve; back up agree; agree to; agree with; allow; concede; concur; give in; grant; permit; yield
- O.K.; okay; sanction
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- accept; approve of; assent to

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Related Definitions for "approve":

  1. judge to be right or commendable; think well of1
  2. give sanction to1
    • I approve of his educational policies1

Wiktionary Translations for approve:

  1. To make or show to be worthy of approbation or acceptance
Cross Translation:
approve approuver; accepter; permettre goedkeuren — toestemming verlenen
approve acquiescer bejahen — seine Zustimmung geben; ja sagen
approve approuver billigen — (transitiv) etwas genehmigen
approve cautionner; approuver billigen — (transitiv) etwas befürworten, begrüßen, gutheißen
approve recommander; préconiser; conseiller empfehlen — (transitiv) jemanden als vorteilhaft, geeignet, zuverlässig infrage kommend benennen; jemandem anraten, sich für jemanden beziehungsweise etwas zu entscheiden
approve approuver goutieren — an etwas oder jemandem Gefallen haben; etwas oder jemanden schätzen