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  1. appear again:


Detailed Translations for appear again from English to Dutch

appear again:

to appear again verb (appears again, appeared again, appearing again)

  1. to appear again (turn up)
    opduiken; weer verschijnen; boven water komen
    • opduiken verb (duik op, duikt op, dook op, doken op, opgedoken)
    • boven water komen verb (kom boven water, komt boven water, kwam boven water, kwamen boven water, boven water gekomen)

Conjugations for appear again:

  1. appear again
  2. appear again
  3. appears again
  4. appear again
  5. appear again
  6. appear again
simple past
  1. appeared again
  2. appeared again
  3. appeared again
  4. appeared again
  5. appeared again
  6. appeared again
present perfect
  1. have appeared again
  2. have appeared again
  3. has appeared again
  4. have appeared again
  5. have appeared again
  6. have appeared again
past continuous
  1. was appearing again
  2. were appearing again
  3. was appearing again
  4. were appearing again
  5. were appearing again
  6. were appearing again
  1. shall appear again
  2. will appear again
  3. will appear again
  4. shall appear again
  5. will appear again
  6. will appear again
continuous present
  1. am appearing again
  2. are appearing again
  3. is appearing again
  4. are appearing again
  5. are appearing again
  6. are appearing again
  1. be appeared again
  2. be appeared again
  3. be appeared again
  4. be appeared again
  5. be appeared again
  6. be appeared again
  1. appear again!
  2. let's appear again!
  3. appeared again
  4. appearing again
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for appear again:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
boven water komen appear again; turn up
opduiken appear again; turn up arise; attend; be present at; bring to the surface; dive for; observe; occur; show up; witness
weer verschijnen appear again; turn up

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