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  1. become defective:


Detailed Translations for become defective from English to Dutch

become defective:

to become defective verb (becomes defective, becoming defective)

  1. to become defective (perish; die)
    breken; sneuvelen; kapot gaan; stuk gaan
  2. to become defective (break; fall to pieces)
    kapotgaan; stukgaan; onklaar raken
    • kapotgaan verb (ga kapot, gaat kapot, ging kapot, gingen kapot, kapot gegaan)
    • stukgaan verb (ga stuk, gaat stuk, ging stuk, gingen stuk, stukgegaan)

Conjugations for become defective:

  1. become defective
  2. become defective
  3. becomes defective
  4. become defective
  5. become defective
  6. become defective
present perfect
  1. have became defective
  2. have became defective
  3. has became defective
  4. have became defective
  5. have became defective
  6. have became defective
past continuous
  1. was becoming defective
  2. were becoming defective
  3. was becoming defective
  4. were becoming defective
  5. were becoming defective
  6. were becoming defective
  1. shall become defective
  2. will become defective
  3. will become defective
  4. shall become defective
  5. will become defective
  6. will become defective
continuous present
  1. am becoming defective
  2. are becoming defective
  3. is becoming defective
  4. are becoming defective
  5. are becoming defective
  6. are becoming defective
  1. be became defective
  2. be became defective
  3. be became defective
  4. be became defective
  5. be became defective
  6. be became defective
  1. become defective!
  2. let's become defective!
  3. became defective
  4. becoming defective
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for become defective:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
breken breaking; breaks
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
breken become defective; die; perish break; break down; break into pieces; break to pieces; break up; demolish; destroy; drag down; fracture; get down; intentionally destroy; pull down; refract; smash; smash into pieces; take down; tear down; tear loose; wreck
kapot gaan become defective; die; perish
kapotgaan become defective; break; fall to pieces be on one's deathbed; decease; die; pass away
onklaar raken become defective; break; fall to pieces
sneuvelen become defective; die; perish be killed; be killed in action; be killed in war; depart this earth; depart this life; die; fall; pass away; perish; succumb
stuk gaan become defective; die; perish
stukgaan become defective; break; fall to pieces

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