Detailed Translations for serve out from English to Dutch

serve out:

to serve out verb (serves out, served out, serving out)

  1. to serve out (serve)
    bedienen; opdissen; voorzetten; opdienen; aan tafel bedienen
    • bedienen verb (bedien, bedient, bediende, bedienden, bediend)
    • opdissen verb (dis op, dist op, diste op, disten op, opgedist)
    • voorzetten verb (zet voor, zette voor, zetten voor, voorgezet)
    • opdienen verb (dien op, dient op, diende op, dienden op, opgediend)
    • aan tafel bedienen verb (bedien aan tafel, bedient aan tafel, bediende aan tafel, bedienden aan tafel, aan tafel bediend)
  2. to serve out (dish up)
    eten opscheppen; opscheppen
  3. to serve out (dish up)
    opdissen; opscheppen; zich bedienen; zich bedienen aan tafel

Conjugations for serve out:

  1. serve out
  2. serve out
  3. serves out
  4. serve out
  5. serve out
  6. serve out
simple past
  1. served out
  2. served out
  3. served out
  4. served out
  5. served out
  6. served out
present perfect
  1. have served out
  2. have served out
  3. has served out
  4. have served out
  5. have served out
  6. have served out
past continuous
  1. was serving out
  2. were serving out
  3. was serving out
  4. were serving out
  5. were serving out
  6. were serving out
  1. shall serve out
  2. will serve out
  3. will serve out
  4. shall serve out
  5. will serve out
  6. will serve out
continuous present
  1. am serving out
  2. are serving out
  3. is serving out
  4. are serving out
  5. are serving out
  6. are serving out
  1. be served out
  2. be served out
  3. be served out
  4. be served out
  5. be served out
  6. be served out
  1. serve out!
  2. let's serve out!
  3. served out
  4. serving out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for serve out:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
opdienen dishing up; service
opdissen dishing up; invent
voorzetten affixing; posting
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aan tafel bedienen serve; serve out
bedienen serve; serve out attend to; operate; serve
eten opscheppen dish up; serve out
opdienen serve; serve out
opdissen dish up; serve; serve out
opscheppen dish up; serve out boast; brag; exagerate; swank; talk big
voorzetten serve; serve out
zich bedienen dish up; serve out dive in; fall to; seize; serve oneself; take
zich bedienen aan tafel dish up; serve out

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