Detailed Translations for serve out from English to French

serve out:

to serve out verb (serves out, served out, serving out)

  1. to serve out (serve)
    servir; servir à table; prendre soin de; fournir; se charger de; offrir; présenter; mettre en avant; mettre; s'occuper de
    • servir verb (sers, sert, servons, servez, )
    • fournir verb (fournis, fournit, fournissons, fournissez, )
    • offrir verb (offre, offres, offrons, offrez, )
    • présenter verb (présente, présentes, présentons, présentez, )
    • mettre verb (mets, met, mettons, mettez, )
  2. to serve out (dish up)
    servir le manger; servir
    • servir verb (sers, sert, servons, servez, )
  3. to serve out (dish up)

Conjugations for serve out:

  1. serve out
  2. serve out
  3. serves out
  4. serve out
  5. serve out
  6. serve out
simple past
  1. served out
  2. served out
  3. served out
  4. served out
  5. served out
  6. served out
present perfect
  1. have served out
  2. have served out
  3. has served out
  4. have served out
  5. have served out
  6. have served out
past continuous
  1. was serving out
  2. were serving out
  3. was serving out
  4. were serving out
  5. were serving out
  6. were serving out
  1. shall serve out
  2. will serve out
  3. will serve out
  4. shall serve out
  5. will serve out
  6. will serve out
continuous present
  1. am serving out
  2. are serving out
  3. is serving out
  4. are serving out
  5. are serving out
  6. are serving out
  1. be served out
  2. be served out
  3. be served out
  4. be served out
  5. be served out
  6. be served out
  1. serve out!
  2. let's serve out!
  3. served out
  4. serving out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for serve out:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fournir serve; serve out allow; bring; bring around; deliver; dispense; distribute; furnish; give; hand out; hand over to; mail; provide; provide with; put up for shipment; ration; send; send round; ship; supply; supply with
mettre serve; serve out add; assemble; bring down; cause; construct; deposit; dress; fasten; fit; instal; install; instigate; lay; lay down; lay something down; laydown; locate; place; position; pull to; put; put down; put on; put something down; secure; set; set down; set up; situate; station; take down; tie up
mettre en avant serve; serve out bring up; broach; broach a subject; cut; cut into; initiate; put forward; put on the table; raise; reap; sting; throw up; toss in the air; toss up
offrir serve; serve out bestow; delate; deliver; deliver up; dish up; do up; extend; give; give a present; give to; grant; hand; hand in; hand over; offer; pass; present; present with; proffer; regale; show; stand treat; treat; write out
prendre soin de serve; serve out aid someone financially; back someone; bring up; care for; educate; keep up; look after; maintain; nurse; provide for; raise; rear; see to; support; take care; take care of somebody; tend; worry about
présenter serve; serve out advise; appoint; be in sympathy with; be on show; bring forward; bring in; bring up; broach; broach a subject; conceive; consider; cut; cut into; delate; deliver up; dish up; display; do up; elect; enlist; enrol; enroll; enter; exhibit; extend; feel; feel empathy for; formulate; give; give to; hand; hand in; hand over; imagine; initiate; inscribe; intend; introduce; lay before; nominate; offer; parade; pass; phrase; present; present with; proffer; propose; propound; put forward; put into words; put on the table; raise; reap; recommend; register; show; showcase; sting; subscribe; suggest; sympathise; sympathize; think; throw up; toss in the air; toss up; word
s'occuper de serve; serve out admit; attend to; be busy; be engaged in; deal with; engage in; feeling for; go in for; have to do; let in; operate; proceed; pursue; serve; something to do; work
se charger de serve; serve out aid someone financially; back someone; keep up; maintain; provide for; support; take care of somebody
se servir à table dish up; serve out
servir dish up; serve; serve out accomodate; act as; aid; assist; attend; attend to; back; back up; be attentive; be helpful; be of help; dish up; distribute; do good; do up; extend the hand; function as; hand out; help; make oneself useful; oblige; operate; prop up; provide; ration; second; serve; service; te be of service
servir le manger dish up; serve out
servir à table serve; serve out dish up; do up

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