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  1. stick in:


Detailed Translations for stick in from English to Dutch

stick in:

to stick in verb (sticks in, sticked in, sticking in)

  1. to stick in (put in)
    binnensteken; insteken
    • binnensteken verb (steek binnen, steekt binnen, stak binnen, staken binnen, binnengestoken)
    • insteken verb (steek in, steekt in, stak in, staken in, ingestoken)
  2. to stick in (put in)
    • inprikken verb (prik in, prikt in, prikte in, prikten in, ingeprikt)
  3. to stick in (glue in; paste in)
    • inplakken verb (plak in, plakt in, plakte in, plakten in, ingeplakt)

Conjugations for stick in:

  1. stick in
  2. stick in
  3. sticks in
  4. stick in
  5. stick in
  6. stick in
simple past
  1. sticked in
  2. sticked in
  3. sticked in
  4. sticked in
  5. sticked in
  6. sticked in
present perfect
  1. have sticked in
  2. have sticked in
  3. has sticked in
  4. have sticked in
  5. have sticked in
  6. have sticked in
past continuous
  1. was sticking in
  2. were sticking in
  3. was sticking in
  4. were sticking in
  5. were sticking in
  6. were sticking in
  1. shall stick in
  2. will stick in
  3. will stick in
  4. shall stick in
  5. will stick in
  6. will stick in
continuous present
  1. am sticking in
  2. are sticking in
  3. is sticking in
  4. are sticking in
  5. are sticking in
  6. are sticking in
  1. be sticked in
  2. be sticked in
  3. be sticked in
  4. be sticked in
  5. be sticked in
  6. be sticked in
  1. stick in!
  2. let's stick in!
  3. sticked in
  4. sticking in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for stick in:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
binnensteken put in; stick in
inplakken glue in; paste in; stick in
inprikken put in; stick in
insteken put in; stick in
- enclose; inclose; insert; introduce; put in; slip in; sneak in

Synonyms for "stick in":

Related Definitions for "stick in":

  1. introduce1
  2. insert casually1

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