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  1. battle with:


Detailed Translations for battle with from English to Swedish

battle with:

to battle with verb (battles with, battled with, battling with)

  1. to battle with (fight; combat; contest; quarrel)
    bekämpa; bestrida; kämpa med; slåss mot
    • bekämpa verb (bekämper, bekämpte, bekämpt)
    • bestrida verb (bestrider, bestred, bestridit)
    • kämpa med verb (kämpar med, kämpade med, kämpat med)
    • slåss mot verb (slåss mot, slogs mot, slagits mot)

Conjugations for battle with:

  1. battle with
  2. battle with
  3. battles with
  4. battle with
  5. battle with
  6. battle with
simple past
  1. battled with
  2. battled with
  3. battled with
  4. battled with
  5. battled with
  6. battled with
present perfect
  1. have battled with
  2. have battled with
  3. has battled with
  4. have battled with
  5. have battled with
  6. have battled with
past continuous
  1. was battling with
  2. were battling with
  3. was battling with
  4. were battling with
  5. were battling with
  6. were battling with
  1. shall battle with
  2. will battle with
  3. will battle with
  4. shall battle with
  5. will battle with
  6. will battle with
continuous present
  1. am battling with
  2. are battling with
  3. is battling with
  4. are battling with
  5. are battling with
  6. are battling with
  1. be battled with
  2. be battled with
  3. be battled with
  4. be battled with
  5. be battled with
  6. be battled with
  1. battle with!
  2. let's battle with!
  3. battled with
  4. battling with
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for battle with:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bekämpa battle with; combat; contest; fight; quarrel challenge; compete; contest; dispute; fight against; hit out hard; question; struggle
bestrida battle with; combat; contest; fight; quarrel challenge; contest; deny; disavow; dispute; question; renounce; repudiate
kämpa med battle with; combat; contest; fight; quarrel
slåss mot battle with; combat; contest; fight; quarrel

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