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Detailed Translations for lend from English to German


to lend verb (lends, lent, lending)

  1. to lend (lend out; loan; grant credit)
    • ausleihen verb (leihe aus, leihst aus, leiht aus, leihte aus, leihtet aus, ausgeleiht)
  2. to lend (lend out)

Conjugations for lend:

  1. lend
  2. lend
  3. lends
  4. lend
  5. lend
  6. lend
simple past
  1. lent
  2. lent
  3. lent
  4. lent
  5. lent
  6. lent
present perfect
  1. have lent
  2. have lent
  3. has lent
  4. have lent
  5. have lent
  6. have lent
past continuous
  1. was lending
  2. were lending
  3. was lending
  4. were lending
  5. were lending
  6. were lending
  1. shall lend
  2. will lend
  3. will lend
  4. shall lend
  5. will lend
  6. will lend
continuous present
  1. am lending
  2. are lending
  3. is lending
  4. are lending
  5. are lending
  6. are lending
  1. be lent
  2. be lent
  3. be lent
  4. be lent
  5. be lent
  6. be lent
  1. lend!
  2. let's lend!
  3. lent
  4. lending
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for lend:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ausleihen grant credit; lend; lend out; loan borrow
für Geld ausleihen lend; lend out
- add; bestow; bring; contribute; impart; loan

Related Words for "lend":

  • lending

Synonyms for "lend":

Antonyms for "lend":

Related Definitions for "lend":

  1. give temporarily; let have for a limited time1
    • I will lend you my car1
  2. bestow a quality on1
    • Her presence lends a certain cachet to the company1
  3. have certain characteristics of qualities for something; be open or vulnerable to1
    • This story would lend itself well to serialization on television1
    • The current system lends itself to great abuse1

Wiktionary Translations for lend:

  1. to allow to be used temporarily
  1. eine Sache einer anderen Person für begrenzt Zeit zur Verfügung stellen
  1. leihen, verleihen, etwas gegen Versprechen hergeben, jemandem vorübergehend etwas geben

Cross Translation:
lend leihen; verleihen; borgen prêter — Fournir une chose sous condition que celui qui la reçoit la rendra. (Sens général).

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