Detailed Translations for move over from English to German

move over:

to move over verb (moves over, moved over, moving over)

  1. to move over
    • übergehen verb (übergehe, übergehst, übergeht, übergang, überganget, übergegangen)
  2. to move over
    versetzen; verschieben; umstellen; verlegen; verstellen; rücken; zusammenrücken; sichversetzen; setzen; verrücken; einrücken; aufrücken; zur Seite rücken
    • versetzen verb (versetze, versetzt, versetzte, versetztet, versetzt)
    • verschieben verb (verschiebe, verschiebst, verschiebt, verschob, verschobt, verschoben)
    • umstellen verb (stelle um, stellst um, stellt um, stellte um, stelltet um, umgestellt)
    • verlegen verb (verlege, verlegst, verlegt, verlegte, verlegtet, verlegt)
    • verstellen verb (verstelle, verstellst, verstellt, verstellte, verstelltet, verstellend)
    • rücken verb (rücke, rückst, rückt, rückte, rücktet, gerückt)
    • zusammenrücken verb (rücke zusammen, rückst zusammen, rückt zusammen, rückte zusammen, rücktet zusammen, zusammengerückt)
    • setzen verb (setze, setzt, setzte, setztet, gesetzt)
    • verrücken verb (verrücke, verrückst, verrückt, verrückte, verrücktet, verrückt)
    • einrücken verb (rücke ein, rückst ein, rückt ein, rückte ein, rücktet ein, eingerückt)
    • aufrücken verb (rücke auf, rückst auf, rückt auf, rückte auf, rücktet auf, aufgerückt)
    • zur Seite rücken verb (rücke zur Seite, rückst zur Seite, rückt zur Seite, rückte zur Seite, rücktet zur Seite, zur Seite gerückt)

Conjugations for move over:

  1. move over
  2. move over
  3. moves over
  4. move over
  5. move over
  6. move over
simple past
  1. moved over
  2. moved over
  3. moved over
  4. moved over
  5. moved over
  6. moved over
present perfect
  1. have moved over
  2. have moved over
  3. has moved over
  4. have moved over
  5. have moved over
  6. have moved over
past continuous
  1. was moving over
  2. were moving over
  3. was moving over
  4. were moving over
  5. were moving over
  6. were moving over
  1. shall move over
  2. will move over
  3. will move over
  4. shall move over
  5. will move over
  6. will move over
continuous present
  1. am moving over
  2. are moving over
  3. is moving over
  4. are moving over
  5. are moving over
  6. are moving over
  1. be moved over
  2. be moved over
  3. be moved over
  4. be moved over
  5. be moved over
  6. be moved over
  1. move over!
  2. let's move over!
  3. moved over
  4. moving over
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for move over:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aufrücken move over advance; ascend; be off; be on the upgrade; become higher; become larger; bristle; build; climb; erect; establish; flare up; fly up; get away; go up; go upward; grow; increase; mount; raise; rise; rise to the surface; set up; start; take off; to get promoted
einrücken move over bring down; deposit; drop by; enter; go in; invade; lay; laydown; march in; place; put down; set; set down; situate; station; take down
rücken move over
setzen move over bet with shares; bring down; build; bulge out; conjecture; decline; deposit; drop; erect; establish; fall; lay; laydown; make a move; mobilise; mobilize; place; put down; raise; regress; sag; set; set down; set up; settle down; sink; sit down; situate; speculate; station; take down; take your seat; tumble; waining
sichversetzen move over
umstellen move over counteract; move; oppose; relocate; resist; reverse; shift; swing around; thwart; transfer; turn; twist; withstand
verlegen move over bring down; convert; dislocate; lose; move; postpone; put off; reduce; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; take down; trace back; transfer; transform
verrücken move over convert; dislocate; move; push; reduce; relocate; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform
verschieben move over convert; dislocate; move; postpone; push; put off; reduce; relocate; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform; translate
versetzen move over borrow money on; mortgage; move; offset; pawn; plant out; pledge; relocate; transfer; transplant; transpose
verstellen move over bar; barricade; block; convert; dislocate; move; obstruct; reduce; relocate; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform
zur Seite rücken move over move
zusammenrücken move over move closer; move up
übergehen move over go across; go over; miss out; pass over; walk across
- ease up; give; give way; yield
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
verlegen bashful; bottled up; diffident; inhibited; pent up; restrained; shy; timid; withdrawn

Synonyms for "move over":

Related Definitions for "move over":

  1. move in order to make room for someone for something1

Wiktionary Translations for move over:

Cross Translation:
move over überschreiten; benutzen overgaan — eroverheen gaan

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