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agree adj

  1. agree (correct; fine; right; good)

Conjugations for agree:

  1. agree
  2. agree
  3. agrees
  4. agree
  5. agree
  6. agree
simple past
  1. agreed
  2. agreed
  3. agreed
  4. agreed
  5. agreed
  6. agreed
present perfect
  1. have agreed
  2. have agreed
  3. has agreed
  4. have agreed
  5. have agreed
  6. have agreed
past continuous
  1. was agreeing
  2. were agreeing
  3. was agreeing
  4. were agreeing
  5. were agreeing
  6. were agreeing
  1. shall agree
  2. will agree
  3. will agree
  4. shall agree
  5. will agree
  6. will agree
continuous present
  1. am agreeing
  2. are agreeing
  3. is agreeing
  4. are agreeing
  5. are agreeing
  6. are agreeing
  1. be agreed
  2. be agreed
  3. be agreed
  4. be agreed
  5. be agreed
  6. be agreed
  1. agree!
  2. let's agree!
  3. agreed
  4. agreeing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for agree:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aprobar approving; assenting
concordar agreeing; arranging
corresponder agreeing; arranging
estar de acuerdo approving; assenting
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acceder accept; agree; allow; permit add; add to; agree to; agree with; allocate; allot; allow; append; arrive; assent to; assign; bestow on; bore through; come in; concede; confer; confirm; consent to; endorse; enter; feed in; filter in; get in; give; give in; go in; go inside; go into; grant; hand in; hear; interpellate; interrogate; join; join the traffic; penetrate; permit; pierce; question; subsidise; subsidize; surrender; turn in; yield
acordar agree; come to an agreement; concur bring to a close; come to an end; decide; end; finish; stop; terminate; vote; wind up
aprobar agree; approve; back up; shore; support accept; acknowledge; acquire; admit; agree to; agree with; allow; approve; assent to; authorise; authorize; buy; come through; confirm; consent to; do what you think is right; fancy; get; give one's fiat to; like; obtain; permit; please; purchase; ratify; sanction; think fit; validate
asentir agree; concur agree to; agree with
asentir la cabeza agree; nod; shake one's head
autorizar accept; agree; allow; permit admit; agree to; agree with; allow; assent to; authorise; authorize; concede; confirm; consent to; give in; give one's fiat to; give permission; grant; permit; ratify; sanction; submit to; tolerate; validate; yield
coincidir agree; correspond to; match be correct; coincide; converge; correspond; correspond to; fit; match
concordar agree; concur be accurate; be correct; correspond to; fit; form a harmonious entirety; harmonise; harmonize; match; rhyme
conferir accept; agree; allow; permit allow
convenir agree; come to an agreement; concur agree on; arrange; be all right; be convenient to; be fit; be right; be suitable; become; befit; conform to; correspond with; fit; fit in; like; match; suit; suit one's convenience
corresponder agree; correspond to; match accrue to; become; fall to; form a harmonious entirety; harmonise; harmonize
dar el visto bueno agree; concur agree to; agree with
dar la razón a alguien agree; approve; back up
estar de acuerdo agree; approve; back up; concur; shore; support
llegar a un acuerdo agree; concur agree on; arrange
mover con la cabeza afirmativamente agree; nod; shake one's head
pactar agree; concur agree on; arrange; conform to; correspond with
permitir accept; agree; allow; permit accept; agree with; allocate; allot; allow; assign; authorise; authorize; bestow on; concede; confer; enable; give; give in; grant; let come; let happen; make possible; permit; put up with; submit to; tolerate; yield
ponerse de acuerdo agree; concur agree on; arrange
- accord; check; concord; concur; consort; correspond; fit; fit in; gibe; harmonise; harmonize; hold; jibe; match; tally
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
de acuerdo O.K.; allright; alright; done; it's a deal; you're on
- give one's consent
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
conforme agree; correct; fine; good; right as; concurrent; homophonic; just like; like; such as; uniform with; unisonous
de acuerdo agree; correct; fine; good; right

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Related Definitions for "agree":

  1. consent or assent to a condition, or agree to do something1
    • She agreed to all my conditions1
    • He agreed to leave her alone1
  2. be in accord; be in agreement1
    • We agreed on the terms of the settlement1
    • I can't agree with you!1
  3. achieve harmony of opinion, feeling, or purpose1
    • No two of my colleagues would agree on whom to elect chairman1
  4. be agreeable or suitable1
    • White wine doesn't agree with me1
  5. be compatible, similar or consistent; coincide in their characteristics1
    • The two stories don't agree in many details1
  6. go together1
  7. show grammatical agreement1
    • Subjects and verbs must always agree in English1

Wiktionary Translations for agree:

  1. to yield assent, to accede
  2. grammar: to correspond in gender, number, case, or person
  3. harmonize in opinion; be in unison or concord; be united; concur

Cross Translation:
agree aprobar; asentir; consentir instemmen — het eens zijn
agree aprobar billigen — (transitiv) etwas befürworten, begrüßen, gutheißen
agree acordar vereinbaren — eine Abmachung treffen
agree estar de acuerdo zustimmen — erklären, dass man mit der Meinung einer anderen Person in Übereinstimmung steht
agree estar de acuerdo übereinstimmen — (intransitiv) mit jemanden einer Meinung oder Ansicht sein
agree acceder accéder — Donner son aval
agree admitir admettrerecevoir par choix, faveur ou condescendance.
agree corresponder correspondre — Être en rapport de symétrie et d’harmonie avec quelque chose.
agree coincidir coïncider — géométrie|fr S’ajuster l’un sur l’autre dans toutes les parties, parler de lignes, de surfaces.

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