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Detailed Translations for turn in from English to Spanish

turn in:

turn in verb

  1. turn in (hand in; surrender)

Translation Matrix for turn in:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acceder hand in; surrender; turn in accept; add; add to; agree; agree to; agree with; allocate; allot; allow; append; arrive; assent to; assign; bestow on; bore through; come in; concede; confer; confirm; consent to; endorse; enter; feed in; filter in; get in; give; give in; go in; go inside; go into; grant; hear; interpellate; interrogate; join; join the traffic; penetrate; permit; pierce; question; subsidise; subsidize; surrender; yield
consentir hand in; surrender; turn in accept; acknowledge; admit; allow; approve; assent to; authorise; authorize; confirm; endorse; give one's fiat to; grant; pamper; permit; sanction; spoil; validate
entregar hand in; surrender; turn in allow; book; bring; bring around; cash; cede; delate; deliver; deliver up; dispense; donate; enlist; enrol; enroll; enter; extend; furnish; give; give to; give up; hand; hand down; hand in; hand over; hand over to; inscribe; offer; order; pass; pay; pay out; pay over; present; present with; proffer; provide; put up for shipment; register; send; send round; ship; subscribe; supply; surrender; transfer; yield
reconocer hand in; surrender; turn in allocate; allot; assent to; assign; bestow on; confer; confirm; contain; control; endorse; examine; explore; get to know; give; grant; grasp; hand to; have an opinion on; hear; hold; hold an opinion on; hold an view on; identify; inspect; interpellate; interrogate; investigate; put new life into; question; realise; realize; recognise; recognize; renew; renovate; restore; revitalise; revitalize; say for; subsidise; subsidize; survey; view
- deliver; fork out; fork over; fork up; hand over; put on; render

Synonyms for "turn in":

Antonyms for "turn in":

Related Definitions for "turn in":

  1. carry out (performances)1
  2. make an entrance by turning from a road1
  3. to surrender someone or something to another1

Wiktionary Translations for turn in:

turn in
  1. submit something

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