Detailed Translations for dispatch from English to Spanish


dispatch [the ~] noun

  1. the dispatch (delivery; consignment; sending; )
    la entrega; el envío; el suministro
  2. the dispatch (mission)
    la misión
  3. the dispatch (shipment)
    – the act of sending off something 1
    el enviar

to dispatch verb (dispatches, dispatched, dispatching)

  1. to dispatch (consume)
  2. to dispatch
    – To plan, allocate, and send out technicians, spare parts, and special equipment to solve a service problem. 2
  3. to dispatch
    – To make adjustments to production jobs on a selected work center to prepare them for shipping. 2

Conjugations for dispatch:

  1. dispatch
  2. dispatch
  3. dispatches
  4. dispatch
  5. dispatch
  6. dispatch
simple past
  1. dispatched
  2. dispatched
  3. dispatched
  4. dispatched
  5. dispatched
  6. dispatched
present perfect
  1. have dispatched
  2. have dispatched
  3. has dispatched
  4. have dispatched
  5. have dispatched
  6. have dispatched
past continuous
  1. was dispatching
  2. were dispatching
  3. was dispatching
  4. were dispatching
  5. were dispatching
  6. were dispatching
  1. shall dispatch
  2. will dispatch
  3. will dispatch
  4. shall dispatch
  5. will dispatch
  6. will dispatch
continuous present
  1. am dispatching
  2. are dispatching
  3. is dispatching
  4. are dispatching
  5. are dispatching
  6. are dispatching
  1. be dispatched
  2. be dispatched
  3. be dispatched
  4. be dispatched
  5. be dispatched
  6. be dispatched
  1. dispatch!
  2. let's dispatch!
  3. dispatched
  4. dispatching
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for dispatch:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
devorar chow; feeding; grub
entrega consignment; delivery; dispatch; remittance; sending; sending in; supply delivering; delivery; distribution; extradition; granting; handing over; introduction; issue; offer; order; presentation; supplementary sheet; supplies; supply; surrendering; tradition; turning out; yielding
enviar dispatch; shipment
envío consignment; delivery; dispatch; remittance; sending; sending in; supply delivery; despatch; forewarding; forwarding; remittance; sending; supplies; supply; transfer
misión dispatch; mission action; assignment; chore; command; cue; delivery; duties; hobby; instruction; labor; labour; motto; order; parole; pastime; shibboleth; supplies; supply; task; work; working; workpiece
suministro consignment; delivery; dispatch; remittance; sending; sending in; supply care; delivery; facility; furnishing; maintenance; nursing; procurement; providing; provision; service; supplying; yielding
- communique; despatch; expedition; expeditiousness; shipment
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
atiborrarse consume; dispatch gulp down
devorar consume; dispatch consume; devour; dine; eat; eat up; gulp down; nibble; nybble; peck; sup; swallow up
distribuir dispatch confer; dish out; distribute; dole out; give out; hand out; hand round; itemise; itemize; parcel out; pass around; put on rations; ration; separate; split up
enviar dispatch capitulate; contribute; decline; discharge; dismiss; drop; email; enter; fire; forward; forward on; give up; hand oneself in; hand oneself over to; lay off; mail; redirect; refuse; reject; release; remit; sack; send; send in; send on; send round; send to; ship; submit; supply; turn down
- bump off; complete; despatch; discharge; hit; murder; off; polish off; remove; send off; slay
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
entrega deliverable; delivery; handoff
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- forward; send; send off

Synonyms for "dispatch":

Related Definitions for "dispatch":

  1. the act of sending off something1
  2. killing a person or animal1
  3. the property of being prompt and efficient1
    • it was done with dispatch1
  4. an official report (usually sent in haste)1
  5. kill without delay1
    • the traitor was dispatched by the conspirators1
  6. send away towards a designated goal1
  7. dispose of rapidly and without delay and efficiently1
    • He dispatched the task he was assigned1
  8. kill intentionally and with premeditation1
  9. complete or carry out1
  10. To plan, allocate, and send out technicians, spare parts, and special equipment to solve a service problem.2
  11. To make adjustments to production jobs on a selected work center to prepare them for shipping.2

Wiktionary Translations for dispatch:

  1. The act of dispatching
  2. A message sent quickly
  1. To destroy quickly and efficiently
  2. To defeat
  3. To deprive
  4. To hurry
  5. To send with promptness

Cross Translation:
dispatch cursar; enviar versturen — iets aan een verzendbedrijf ter bezorging afgeven
dispatch expedir; enviar; despachar expediëren — (overgankelijk) afzenden, verzenden, versturen
dispatch delegación; envío Entsendung — das Schicken beziehungsweise Wegschicken einer oder mehrerer Personen mit einem Auftrag
dispatch expedición; envío Versand — der Transport von Gegenständen und Artikeln
dispatch delegar abfertigenLuftfahrt: ein Flugzeug abfertigen
dispatch enviar abschicken — etwas auf den Weg zu einem Empfänger bringen
dispatch remitir; enviar effektuieren — (transitiv) eine Ware versenden
dispatch depositar déposer — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
dispatch expedir; despachar; enviar expédier — Se hâter d’exécuter ou de conclure quelque chose.

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