Detailed Translations for transfer from English to Spanish


transfer [the ~] noun

  1. the transfer (handover; cession)
    la cesión; el traspaso; la transmisión
  2. the transfer
    la transferencia; la transmisión; el traslado; el transbordo; el transporte; el traspaso
  3. the transfer (mutation; switch-over; change)
    la transferencia; el transbordo; la transmisión; el cambio; el traslado; el transporte; el traspaso
  4. the transfer (switch-over; change)
    la transferencia; el cambio; el transbordo
  5. the transfer (forwarding; sending; remittance)
    el despacho; el envío; la expedición
  6. the transfer (road transport; transportation; goods-traffic; )
  7. the transfer (switch-over)
    la transferencia; el transbordo; el cambio; el traslado; el transporte; el traspaso; la transmisión; la permutación
  8. the transfer (interchange station)
  9. the transfer (data transfer)
    – The movement of information from one location to another, either within a computer (as from a disk drive to memory), between a computer and an external device (as between a file server and a computer on a network), or between separate computers. 1
  10. the transfer
    – The act of sending the current phone call to a third person. 1
    la transferencia

to transfer verb (transfers, transferred, transferring)

  1. to transfer (remit; deposit; send)
  2. to transfer (remove; shift; move; )
  3. to transfer (relocate)
  4. to transfer (relocate; move)
  5. to transfer (hand over)
  6. to transfer
    – To move data from one location to another. 1

Conjugations for transfer:

  1. transfer
  2. transfer
  3. transfers
  4. transfer
  5. transfer
  6. transfer
simple past
  1. transferred
  2. transferred
  3. transferred
  4. transferred
  5. transferred
  6. transferred
present perfect
  1. have transferred
  2. have transferred
  3. has transferred
  4. have transferred
  5. have transferred
  6. have transferred
past continuous
  1. was transferring
  2. were transferring
  3. was transferring
  4. were transferring
  5. were transferring
  6. were transferring
  1. shall transfer
  2. will transfer
  3. will transfer
  4. shall transfer
  5. will transfer
  6. will transfer
continuous present
  1. am transferring
  2. are transferring
  3. is transferring
  4. are transferring
  5. are transferring
  6. are transferring
  1. be transferred
  2. be transferred
  3. be transferred
  4. be transferred
  5. be transferred
  6. be transferred
  1. transfer!
  2. let's transfer!
  3. transferred
  4. transferring
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for transfer:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cambio change; mutation; switch-over; transfer about-turn; alteration; altering; amending; amendment; barter; bartering; bending; bill of exchange; change; change of; change of form; changing; compound course; conversion; conversion rate; crisis; currency; declension; emergency situation; evolution; exchange; exchange rate; haggling; inversion; modification; modifying; mutation; rate; rate of exchange; reformation; remodelling; reversal; rotation; shady dealings; state of emergency; swap; swerve; switch; swop; trade-in; trans-shipment; transformation; transition; transposition; turn; turning-point; u turn; value; wheeling and dealing
cesión cession; handover; transfer
depositar putting down
despacho forwarding; remittance; sending; transfer bureau; completion; conclusion; delivery; despatch; forewarding; liquidation; sending; supplies; supply; winding up
envío forwarding; remittance; sending; transfer consignment; delivery; despatch; dispatch; forewarding; forwarding; remittance; sending; sending in; supplies; supply
estación de correspondencia interchange station; transfer
expedición forwarding; remittance; sending; transfer delivery; examination; expedition; exploration; mailing; reconnoitering expedition; scouting expedition; search; supplies; supply; yielding
pagar fine
permutación switch-over; transfer bartering; change; exchange; haggling; shady dealings; trade-in
transbordo change; mutation; switch-over; transfer trans-shipment
transferencia change; data transfer; mutation; switch-over; transfer credit transfer; trans-shipment
transmisión cession; change; handover; mutation; switch-over; transfer broadcast; driving mechanism; driving unit; geared transmission; gearing; radioprogramme; stream; transmission
transporte change; mutation; switch-over; transfer transport
transporte por carretera cargo; carrying-traffic; goods-traffic; road transport; transfer; transport; transportation road transport
traslado change; mutation; switch-over; transfer adulteration; change; counterfeit; delay; detour; displacement; fake; forgery; forging; gymnastics; migration; moving house; overthrowing; physical exercise; postponement; removal; respite; shifting; suspension; trans-shipment
traspaso cession; change; handover; mutation; switch-over; transfer absorption; annexation; enrollment; enrolment; incorporation; key-money; purchase; take-over; trans-shipment
- carry-over; conveyance; transfer of training; transferee; transference; transferral; transport; transportation
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cambiar de lugar convert; dislocate; move; reduce; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform move
cambiar de sitio convert; dislocate; move; reduce; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform convert; move; reverse; transpose
cambiar la fecha convert; dislocate; move; reduce; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform clear away; clear up; dismantle; remove; strip down; take apart a machine; unharness; unrig
depositar deposit; remit; send; transfer add; catch; cheat; clearly define; confine; cut back; define; demarcate; deposit; deposit into account; dismiss; drop; fence; fence in; fence off; gull; insert; lay; lay up; laydown; limit; locate; map out; mark out; outline; place; placing; position; put; put down; put someone off; put up; reduce; remit; secure; seize; set; set down; situate; snatch; sneak up on; spoof; station; stock; store; take unaware; tattle; trace out; trick; twig
desplazar convert; dislocate; move; reduce; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform clear away; clear up; dismantle; move; move on; nudge; offset; propel; pull a muscle; remove; scroll; shift; strain a muscle; strip down; take apart a machine; twist a muscle; unharness; unrig
entregar hand over; transfer allow; book; bring; bring around; cash; cede; delate; deliver; deliver up; dispense; donate; enlist; enrol; enroll; enter; extend; furnish; give; give to; give up; hand; hand down; hand in; hand over; hand over to; inscribe; offer; order; pass; pay; pay out; pay over; present; present with; proffer; provide; put up for shipment; register; send; send round; ship; subscribe; supply; surrender; turn in; yield
mover convert; dislocate; move; reduce; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform affect; be going to; bring down; churn; concern; deposit; go; hit; lay; laydown; lever; mix; mobilise; mobilize; move; move on; place; propel; push along; push on; put down; set; set down; shake up; situate; station; stir; strike; take down; touch; walk; wrench
pagar deposit; remit; send; transfer allocate; allot; assign; atone for; bear the costs; bestow on; bring down; cash; come forward with; confer; cough up; deposit; expiate; give; honor; honour; make even; pay; pay for; pay for one's mistake's; pay off; pay on account; pay out; pay over; pay up; pour; remit; remunerate; repay; reward; settle; spend; sprinkle; suffer; take down; turn out
pasar deposit; remit; send; transfer arise; be on one's deathbed; blab; call at; call on; close; come past; come through; cross; decease; decline; die; draw; drop by; elapse; expire; feed; go across; go by; go over; happen; happen to; look for; look up; move over; move past; occur; overtake; pass; pass away; pass on; pull over; ride past; sail past; seek out; shut; swipe; take place; tell; visit; walk across; walk past
remitir deposit; remit; send; transfer bring back; capitulate; give up; hand oneself in; hand oneself over to; mail; return; send; send back; ship; supply; throw back
transcribir deposit; remit; send; transfer deposit; edit; remit
transferir convert; deposit; dislocate; move; reduce; relocate; remit; remove; resolve; send; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform; transpose assign; beam; pay by Giro; rack; transfer by giro
transmitir deposit; remit; send; transfer assign; broadcast; communicate; delate; deliver up; extend; give; give to; hand; hand down; hand over; offer; pass; present with
transponer relocate; transfer rack; transpose
trasladar convert; dislocate; move; reduce; relocate; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform bring; bring along; carry; carry off; clear away; clear up; dismantle; lead off; move; rack; remove; shift; strip down; take apart a machine; translate; transport; unharness; unrig
trasvasar relocate; transfer pour into; pour over; rack
- change; channel; channelise; channelize; reassign; remove; shift; transmit; transplant; transport; transpose
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
transferencia de datos data transfer; transfer data transfer
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- decal; make over; move; transport

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Synonyms for "transfer":

Related Definitions for "transfer":

  1. the act of transfering something from one form to another2
    • the transfer of the music from record to tape suppressed much of the background noise2
  2. the act of moving something from one location to another2
  3. transferring ownership2
  4. application of a skill learned in one situation to a different but similar situation2
  5. a ticket that allows a passenger to change conveyances2
  6. someone who transfers or is transferred from one position to another2
    • the best student was a transfer from LSU2
  7. transfer from one place or period to another2
  8. send from one person or place to another2
  9. lift and reset in another soil or situation2
  10. move around2
    • transfer the packet from his trouser pockets to a pocket in his jacket2
  11. shift the position or location of, as for business, legal, educational, or military purposes2
  12. change from one vehicle or transportation line to another2
  13. cause to change ownership2
    • I transferred my stock holdings to my children2
  14. move from one place to another2
    • transfer the data2
    • transfer the patient to another hospital2
  15. transfer somebody to a different position or location of work2
  16. The movement of information from one location to another, either within a computer (as from a disk drive to memory), between a computer and an external device (as between a file server and a computer on a network), or between separate computers.1
  17. To move data from one location to another.1
  18. The act of sending the current phone call to a third person.1

Wiktionary Translations for transfer:

  1. to move or pass from one place, person or thing to another
  2. to convey the impression of sth from one surface to another
  3. to be or become transferred
  1. act
  2. design

Cross Translation:
transfer transferir overzetten — van het ene systeem naar het andere systeem brengen
transfer transferir overschrijven — geld overmaken
transfer remitir; transferir overmaken — laten overschrijven
transfer transferir; girar gireren — geld overmaken door het uitschrijven van een giro
transfer trasladar verlegen — von einem Ort zu einem anderen bewegen
transfer transmisión Übertragung — Sendung, Übermittlung
transfer girar überweisen — einen Geldbetrag von einem Konto auf ein anderes Konto übertragen, einem anderen Konto gutschreiben
transfer remover; mover; conmover; emocionar remuermouvoir, déplacer.
transfer transferencia transfert — Action de transférer, passage de quelque chose d’un lieu à un autre.
transfer transferir; trasladar transférertransporter, porter quelque chose d’un lieu à un autre, faire passer d’un lieu à un autre.
transfer girar virer — À trier

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