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Detailed Translations for elect from English to Spanish


to elect verb (elects, elected, electing)

  1. to elect (recommend; nominate; suggest; )

Conjugations for elect:

  1. elect
  2. elect
  3. elects
  4. elect
  5. elect
  6. elect
simple past
  1. elected
  2. elected
  3. elected
  4. elected
  5. elected
  6. elected
present perfect
  1. have elected
  2. have elected
  3. has elected
  4. have elected
  5. have elected
  6. have elected
past continuous
  1. was electing
  2. were electing
  3. was electing
  4. were electing
  5. were electing
  6. were electing
  1. shall elect
  2. will elect
  3. will elect
  4. shall elect
  5. will elect
  6. will elect
continuous present
  1. am electing
  2. are electing
  3. is electing
  4. are electing
  5. are electing
  6. are electing
  1. be elected
  2. be elected
  3. be elected
  4. be elected
  5. be elected
  6. be elected
  1. elect!
  2. let's elect!
  3. elected
  4. electing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for elect:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
proponer advancing; postulating
- chosen
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
nombrar advise; appoint; consider; elect; nominate; present; propose; recommend; suggest appeal; appoint; blame; call; consider; denominate; establish; have in mind; instal; install; institute; list; mention; name; nominate; rebuke; reprimand; stamp one's foot; term
proponer advise; appoint; consider; elect; nominate; present; propose; recommend; suggest advise; blame; bring forward; bring in; declaim; initiate; intimate; introduce; make a proposal; nominate; orate; postulate; present; propose; put forward; raise; rebuke; recite; reprimand; suggest
recomendar advise; appoint; consider; elect; nominate; present; propose; recommend; suggest advise; lay before; praise; propose; propound; recommend; suggest
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- elite

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Synonyms for "elect":

Related Definitions for "elect":

  1. elected but not yet installed in office1
    • the president elect1
  2. selected as the best1
    • an elect circle of artists1
  3. an exclusive group of people1
    • one of the elect who have power inside the government1
  4. choose1
    • I elected to have my funds deposited automatically1
  5. select by a vote for an office or membership1
    • We elected him chairman of the board1

Wiktionary Translations for elect:

  1. to choose in election

Cross Translation:
elect elegir; preferir verkiezen — iemand door een stemming een ambt doen toekomen
elect nominar kürenjemand einen Titel verleihen, eine Auszeichnung vergeben, meist von einer Jury
elect adoptar; ahijar; prohijar; aceptar; admitir; tomar; acoger; recibir; elegir; escoger adopterchoisir quelqu’un pour fils ou pour fille et lui en donner les droits civils en remplir certaines conditions prescrire par la loi.
elect elegir; escoger choisir — Action de faire un choix ; prendre une personne ou une chose de préférence à une autre ou à plusieurs autres.
elect designar; adscribir désigner — Traduction à trier
elect optar; elegir; escoger opter — Choisir entre deux ou plusieurs choses qu’on ne peut avoir ensemble, entre deux ou plusieurs partis pour l’un desquels il faut se déterminer.

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