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Detailed Translations for equilibrium from English to Spanish


equilibrium [the ~] noun

  1. the equilibrium (balance)
    la estabilidad; el equilibrio; el balance
  2. the equilibrium (balance; concord)
    la armonía; el equilibrio; la estabilidad; el balance

Translation Matrix for equilibrium:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
armonía balance; concord; equilibrium accord; communality; community; concord; conscencus; consensus; consensus of opinion; consonance; equalness; harmony; solidarity; unanimity
balance balance; concord; equilibrium balance of trade; balance sheet; trade balance
equilibrio balance; concord; equilibrium balance; equalisation; equalization; equation; levelling
estabilidad balance; concord; equilibrium certainty; coarseness; consistency; firmness; high quality; incontrovertibility; indisputableness; positiveness; resistency; solidity; soundness; stability; stableness; substance; thoroughness
- balance; chemical equilibrium; counterbalance; equipoise; labyrinthine sense; sense of balance; sense of equilibrium; vestibular sense

Related Words for "equilibrium":

  • disequilibrium, equilibria

Synonyms for "equilibrium":

Antonyms for "equilibrium":

  • disequilibrium

Related Definitions for "equilibrium":

  1. a sensory system located in structures of the inner ear that registers the orientation of the head1
  2. a chemical reaction and its reverse proceed at equal rates1
  3. equality of distribution1
  4. a stable situation in which forces cancel one another1

Wiktionary Translations for equilibrium:

  1. physics: state of a body at rest or in uniform motion in which the resultant of all forces on it is zero
  2. mental balance
  3. chemistry: state of a reaction in which the rates of the forward and reverse reactions are the same
  4. condition of a system in which competing influences are balanced

Cross Translation:
equilibrium equilibrio GleichgewichtChemie: Zustand einer umkehrbaren chemischen Reaktion, wenn die Hin- und Rückreaktion balancieren sich aus
equilibrium equilibrio Äquilibrium — Zustand, in dem sich einwirkende Kräfte ausgleichen; Gleichgewicht
equilibrium equilibrio evenwicht — toestand waarin het gewicht aan beide zijden van een balans gelijk is
equilibrium equilibrio équilibreétat des corps maintenir en repos sous l’influence de plusieurs forces qui se contrebalancer exactement.
equilibrium equilibrar équilibrermettre, tenir en équilibre.

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