Detailed Translations for construction from English to Spanish


construction [the ~] noun

  1. the construction (composition; building)
    la estructura; la construcción; la composición
  2. the construction (building)
    la organización; la estructura; la construcción; el sistema; la ordenación; la configuración; el orden; la compilación; la regulación; el escalafón
  3. the construction (building; structure)
  4. the construction (manufacture; making)
    la construcción; la fabricación; la elaboración; el manufactura; la confección
  5. the construction (building; premises; edifice; structure; lot)
    el edificio; la construcción; la casa; el terreno edificable; la talla; el inmueble; el terreno de construcción; la finca; la estructura; la estatura; la prenda; el cultivo; la complexión; el solar; el lote; la edificación; la parcela; el faldón
  6. the construction
    la construcción; la instalación
  7. the construction (structure)
    la construcción; el edificio; la finca; la estructura; la casa; la talla; la prenda; el cultivo; la estatura; el inmueble; la edificación; el faldón; la complexión

Translation Matrix for construction:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
casa building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure base; building; commercial enterprise; concern; dynasty; home; house; premises; reign; residence; trading company
compilación building; construction accumulation; arrangement; assembly; binder; clutter; collection; compilation; composite volume; composition; gathering; hotchpotch; jumble; medley; mishmash; montage; omnibus volume; pack; pile; piling up; sifting; sorting
complexión building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure build; constitution; figure; physique; stature
composición building; composition; construction arrangement; assembly; composite; composition; design; montage; styling
confección construction; making; manufacture brand; cloth; creating; creation; fabric; make; making; manufacture; off-the-peg clothes; production; ready made clothes; ready to wear clothes; ready-made clothes; textile
configuración building; construction configuration; settings; setup; system configuration
construcción building; composition; construction; edifice; lot; making; manufacture; premises; structure arrangement; assembly; combination; composition; montage
cultivo building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure breeding; crop; cultivated plants; cultivating; cultivation; culture; growing; growth; multiplication; plant; plantation; planting; production; rabble; raise; raising; rear; reproduction; scum; vegetation
edificación building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure buildings; constructions
edificio building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure building; building site; ground; lot; parcel; plot; site
elaboración construction; making; manufacture action; brand; creating; creation; education; fabrication; item; make; making; manufacture; manufacturing; new edition; operation; preparation; principal theme; processing; producing; production; repairing; reprint; subject; subject matter; theme; topic; upbringing; working
escalafón building; construction classification; classifying
estatura building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure body height; build; chunk; figure; ghost; height; part; piece; portion; posture; section; segment; shadow; shape; size; stature
estructura building; composition; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure body; carcass; combination; composition; distinction; distinction of manner; establishment; existing order; frame; framework; shell; skeleton; structure
fabricación construction; making; manufacture brand; creating; creation; fabrication; make; making; manufacture; manufacturing; masterpiece; masterwork; preparation; producing; production; repairing
faldón building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure coat tail; petticoat; underskirt
finca building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure building site; country cottage; country house; estate; farm; farm house; farmershome; farmhouse; farmstead; farmyard; ground; homestead; lot; manor; manorial estate; parcel; plot; site
inmueble building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure immovable; real estate; real property; realty
instalación construction administration of the oath; appointment; arrangement; assembly; commission; composition; confirmation on oath; facility; installation; job; montage; montages; mountings; nomination; setup; swearing
lote building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure batch; lot; parcel; part; piece; portion; quantity; section; segment
manufactura construction; making; manufacture brand; make; manufacture
orden building; construction announcement; assignment; by-law; candor; candour; chain; chicanery; civility; command; courtesy; courtliness; decency; decision; defining; detachment; determination; discipline; establishment; etiquette; existing order; faultlessness; file; fixing; frankness; fuss; gallantry; good breeding; good manners; hassle; hotchpotch; impeccability; instruction; irreprochability; joint; joy; jumble; light-heartedness; line; manners; medley; merriment; mirth; mishmash; neatness; notification; open-heartedness; order; orderliness; ordinance; perfection; pleasure; propriety; purity; rank; regularity; regulation; regulations; respectability; row; rules; sequence; series; soundness; spotlessness; stainlessness; string; submission; subpoena; succession; summons; tidiness; trouble making
ordenación building; construction sorting
organización building; construction absorption; annexation; bureau; enrollment; enrolment; faction; incorporation; office; organisation; organization; purchase; take-over
parcela building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure building site; ground; lot; parcel; plot; site; struggle; wrestle
prenda building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure bond; edifice; free service; guarantee; lot; pledge; premises; security; surety; warranty
ramo de la construcción building; construction; structure
regulación building; construction adjusting; equalisation; equalization; instructions; issuing of rules; prescription; recommendation; regulation; rules; synchronisation; synchronization; tune in to; tuning
sector de la construcción building; construction; structure
sistema building; construction combination; composition; establishment; existing order; scheme; system
solar building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure building site; construction site
talla building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure appearance; body height; build; circumference; demension; dimension; extent; figure; height; measure; measurement; posture; proportion; shape; size; stature
terreno de construcción building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure building site; construction site
terreno edificable building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure building plot; building site; construction site
- building; construction work; expression; grammatical construction; mental synthesis; road construction; structure; twist; work; works
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
solar solar
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
compilación build
configuración configuration; network configuration
orden Z order; order; stack order; z order; z-order
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- building; building activity; building up; construction activity; erection; foundation
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
inmueble immobile; immovable; motionless

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Antonyms for "construction":

  • misconstruction

Related Definitions for "construction":

  1. drawing a figure satisfying certain conditions as part of solving a problem or proving a theorem1
    • the assignment was to make a construction that could be used in proving the Pythagorean theorem1
  2. the act of constructing something1
    • during the construction we had to take a detour1
  3. the commercial activity involved in repairing old structures or constructing new ones1
    • their main business is home construction1
  4. a thing constructed; a complex entity constructed of many parts1
    • she wore her hair in an amazing construction of whirls and ribbons1
  5. the creation of a construct; the process of combining ideas into a congruous object of thought1
  6. a group of words that form a constituent of a sentence and are considered as a single unit1
    • I concluded from his awkward constructions that he was a foreigner1
  7. an interpretation of a text or action1
    • they put an unsympathetic construction on his conduct1

Wiktionary Translations for construction:

  1. process of constructing

Cross Translation:
construction construcción BauArchitektur: Errichtung eines Hauses oder Bauwerk
construction construcción constructie — het in elkaar zetten of produceren van iets
construction construcción; edificio bâtiment — Construction
construction construcción constructionaction ou art de construire.
construction inmueble; construcción; edificio immeuble — droit|fr bien qui ne peut transporter d’un lieu à un autre ou qu’il interdire par la loi d’déplacer.
construction obra; construcción ouvrage — (architecture) Construction

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