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Detailed Translations for explore from English to Spanish


to explore verb (explores, explored, exploring)

  1. to explore
  2. to explore
  3. to explore (prospect; scan)
  4. to explore (settle; establish; colonize; )
  5. to explore (scan; frisk)

Conjugations for explore:

  1. explore
  2. explore
  3. explores
  4. explore
  5. explore
  6. explore
simple past
  1. explored
  2. explored
  3. explored
  4. explored
  5. explored
  6. explored
present perfect
  1. have explored
  2. have explored
  3. has explored
  4. have explored
  5. have explored
  6. have explored
past continuous
  1. was exploring
  2. were exploring
  3. was exploring
  4. were exploring
  5. were exploring
  6. were exploring
  1. shall explore
  2. will explore
  3. will explore
  4. shall explore
  5. will explore
  6. will explore
continuous present
  1. am exploring
  2. are exploring
  3. is exploring
  4. are exploring
  5. are exploring
  6. are exploring
  1. be explored
  2. be explored
  3. be explored
  4. be explored
  5. be explored
  6. be explored
  1. explore!
  2. let's explore!
  3. explored
  4. exploring
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for explore:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
tentar enticing; luring; tempting
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
colonizar colonise; colonize; develop; establish; explore; found; ground; lay the foundations; open up; prospect; scan; settle
establecer colonise; colonize; develop; establish; explore; found; ground; lay the foundations; open up; prospect; scan; settle allocate; appoint; arrange; build; determine; erect; establish; found; ground; identify; initiate; instal; install; institute; lay the foundations; raise; set; set up; start off; tune
examinar explore; prospect; scan attempt; cast an eye on; check; consider; control; endeavor; endeavour; examine; glance; grant; hear; inquire; inspect; interpellate; interrogate; investigate; look; look at; look on; observe; pretest; question; regard; sample; scan; scrutinise; scrutinize; strive; study; subsidise; subsidize; survey; take samples; test; think it over; think out; try; try out; verify; view; watch
explorar explore; frisk; prospect; scan inquire; investigate
fundar colonise; colonize; develop; establish; explore; found; ground; lay the foundations; open up; prospect; scan; settle arrange; base; build; earthen; erect; establish; found; ground; initiate; lay the foundations; lay the foundations of; raise; set; set up; start off; tune
investigar explore; prospect; scan check; control; disentangle; disentwine; examine; hear; inquire; investigate; research; study; test; unravel
reconocer explore allocate; allot; assent to; assign; bestow on; confer; confirm; contain; control; endorse; examine; get to know; give; grant; grasp; hand in; hand to; have an opinion on; hear; hold; hold an opinion on; hold an view on; identify; inspect; interpellate; interrogate; investigate; put new life into; question; realise; realize; recognise; recognize; renew; renovate; restore; revitalise; revitalize; say for; subsidise; subsidize; surrender; survey; turn in; view
tentar explore; frisk; scan allure; attempt; attract; check; endeavor; endeavour; entice; examine; invite; pretest; seduce; strive; tempt; test; try; try out
- research; search
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
examinar browse; browse for

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Synonyms for "explore":

Related Definitions for "explore":

  1. examine (organs) for diagnostic purposes1
  2. examine minutely1
  3. inquire into1
    • Scientists are exploring the nature of consciousness1
  4. travel to or penetrate into1
    • explore unknown territory in biology1

Wiktionary Translations for explore:

  1. to travel somewhere in search of discovery
  2. to examine or investigate something systematically

Cross Translation:
explore explorar; examinar exploreren — (overgankelijk) een onbekend gebied verkennen
explore explorar; examinar explorerparcourir une région inconnue qu’on venir de découvrir pour en connaître la situation, l’étendue, les mœurs, etc.
explore palpar tâtertoucher, manier doucement une chose, pour savoir si elle est dure ou molle, sec ou humide, froide ou chaude, etc.

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