Detailed Translations for fatty from English to Spanish


fatty adj

  1. fatty (greasy)
  2. fatty (greasy; high-fat)

fatty [the ~] noun

  1. the fatty
    el gordo
  2. the fatty (fatso; fat-guts)
    el gordo; el barrigón; el gordinflón; la barrigona; el gordiflón; la gordinflona

Translation Matrix for fatty:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
barrigona fat-guts; fatso; fatty
barrigón fat-guts; fatso; fatty
gordiflón fat-guts; fatso; fatty fat person; mite
gordinflona fat-guts; fatso; fatty
gordinflón fat-guts; fatso; fatty
gordo fat-guts; fatso; fatty fat person; jackpot; mite
grueso biggest part; bulk; circumstances beyond one's control; force majeure; greater part; gross; main body; superior force; superiority
- butterball; fat person; fatso; roly-poly
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- fat
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
barrigona paunchy
barrigón paunchy
espeso fatty; greasy bulky; closed; dense; obese; shut; sizeable; stout; syrupy; viscous
gordinflón bloated
gordo fatty; greasy bulky; closed; dense; obese; shut; sizeable; stout; thickish
grasiento fatty; greasy; high-fat greasy; obese; stout
graso fatty; greasy; high-fat obese; stout
grueso fatty; greasy abusive; big-boned; bulky; closed; coarse; coarse-grained; crass; dense; heavily-built; hefty; obese; shut; sizeable; stocky; stout; thickish

Related Words for "fatty":

  • fattiness, fatties, fattier, fattiest

Synonyms for "fatty":

Antonyms for "fatty":

  • nonfat; thin person

Related Definitions for "fatty":

  1. containing or composed of fat1
    • fatty food1
  2. a rotund individual1

Wiktionary Translations for fatty:

  1. fat person

Cross Translation:
fatty mantecoso; graso; gordo; aceitoso vet — lijkend op iets vets
fatty pingüe; grueso; gordo vet — dik, vet inhoudend

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