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  1. force back:


Detailed Translations for force back from English to Spanish

force back:

to force back verb (forces back, forced back, forcing back)

  1. to force back

Conjugations for force back:

  1. force back
  2. force back
  3. forces back
  4. force back
  5. force back
  6. force back
simple past
  1. forced back
  2. forced back
  3. forced back
  4. forced back
  5. forced back
  6. forced back
present perfect
  1. have forced back
  2. have forced back
  3. has forced back
  4. have forced back
  5. have forced back
  6. have forced back
past continuous
  1. was forcing back
  2. were forcing back
  3. was forcing back
  4. were forcing back
  5. were forcing back
  6. were forcing back
  1. shall force back
  2. will force back
  3. will force back
  4. shall force back
  5. will force back
  6. will force back
continuous present
  1. am forcing back
  2. are forcing back
  3. is forcing back
  4. are forcing back
  5. are forcing back
  6. are forcing back
  1. be forced back
  2. be forced back
  3. be forced back
  4. be forced back
  5. be forced back
  6. be forced back
  1. force back!
  2. let's force back!
  3. forced back
  4. forcing back
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for force back:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hacer retroceder force back
impulsar hacia atrás force back
reducir force back bring down; confine; crop; curtail; cut back; damage; decline; decrease; diminish; do harm; dwindle; go down; harm; lessen; limit; make smaller; mark down; minimise; minimize; reduce; regress; scale down; shorten; shrink; shrink away; simplify; sink; slacken; take down; trace back; trim; waining
- beat back; drive; push back; repel; repulse

Synonyms for "force back":

Antonyms for "force back":

Related Definitions for "force back":

  1. cause to move back by force or influence1

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