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Detailed Translations for hustle and bustle from English to Spanish

hustle and bustle:

hustle and bustle [the ~] noun

  1. the hustle and bustle (hustle; bustle)
    el fárrago; el garabato; el lío; la agitación; el barullo; el jaleo; el ajetreo

Translation Matrix for hustle and bustle:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
agitación bustle; hustle; hustle and bustle ado; agitation; argy-bargy; arousal; clamor; clamour; commotion; disturbance; fisticuffs; flow; fuss; highly strung; hubble-bubble; hubbub; hullabaloo; hurrying; incitement to; influx; instigation to; jittery; nervousness; noise; oscillation; pandemonium; racket; rebellion; revolt; riot; rush; sea; sensation; shake up; song and dance; spin; spinning dive; squabbling; squash; stampede; stir; stress; swell; swinging; to-do; trouble; tumult; tumultuousness; turbulence; turmoil; unrest; upheaval
ajetreo bustle; hustle; hustle and bustle bother; bustle; commotion; din; flow; fuss; fuss and bother; hassle; hubbub; hurrying; influx; mess; rush; squash; stampede; to-do; worry
barullo bustle; hustle; hustle and bustle ado; bother; caboodle; chaos; clamor; clamour; din; fight; flow; fuzz; game of rough-and-tumble; hash; hubbub; hullabaloo; huzza; influx; mayhem; mess; muddle; noise; racket; revolt; riot; romp; romping; rumpus; rush; squash; stampede; thunder; thunder strokes; to-do; tumult; tumultuousness
fárrago bustle; hustle; hustle and bustle harping on; moaning; nagging; worry
garabato bustle; hustle; hustle and bustle ceremony; rite
jaleo bustle; hustle; hustle and bustle argy-bargy; commotion; difficulty; flow; fuss; hindrance; hubble-bubble; impediment; inconvenience; influx; load; messy performance; moaning; nagging; noise; nuisance; rush; sound; squabbling; squash; stampede; stir; trouble; weight; whining; worry
lío bustle; hustle; hustle and bustle ado; affair; argy-bargy; beastliness; bother; bundle; bustle; commotion; complication; din; distress; entanglement; flirt; fuss; fuzz; hubble-bubble; hubbub; huzza; interlocking; intrige; mess; petting-party; plot; problem; rumpus; squabbling; stir; to-do; trouble

Wiktionary Translations for hustle and bustle:

Cross Translation:
hustle and bustle ajetreo Rummel — (umgangssprachlich) lärmende Geschäftigkeit; viel Aufhebens

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