Detailed Translations for keep away from English to Spanish

keep away:

to keep away verb (keeps away, kept away, keeping away)

  1. to keep away (defend; resist; keep off; hold off; keep out)
  2. to keep away (hold off; keep out; keep off)

Conjugations for keep away:

  1. keep away
  2. keep away
  3. keeps away
  4. keep away
  5. keep away
  6. keep away
simple past
  1. kept away
  2. kept away
  3. kept away
  4. kept away
  5. kept away
  6. kept away
present perfect
  1. have kept away
  2. have kept away
  3. has kept away
  4. have kept away
  5. have kept away
  6. have kept away
past continuous
  1. was keeping away
  2. were keeping away
  3. was keeping away
  4. were keeping away
  5. were keeping away
  6. were keeping away
  1. shall keep away
  2. will keep away
  3. will keep away
  4. shall keep away
  5. will keep away
  6. will keep away
continuous present
  1. am keeping away
  2. are keeping away
  3. is keeping away
  4. are keeping away
  5. are keeping away
  6. are keeping away
  1. be kept away
  2. be kept away
  3. be kept away
  4. be kept away
  5. be kept away
  6. be kept away
  1. keep away!
  2. let's keep away!
  3. kept away
  4. keeping away
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for keep away:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
defender defending
parar living; remaining
rechazar beat off; declining; refusing; rejecting; repelling; turn down; turning down
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
defender defend; hold off; keep away; keep off; keep out; resist advocate; be of the opinion; fight back; guard; herd; keep watch over; notice; plead; protect; resist; safeguard; shield; struggle; support; take the view; watch over
mantener a distancia hold off; keep away; keep off; keep out fend off; fight back; keep off; lay off; parry; resist; struggle
mantener apartado hold off; keep away; keep off; keep out fend off; keep off; lay off; parry
no admitir hold off; keep away; keep off; keep out alienate; debar; except; except from; exclude; preclude; rule out; shut out
parar hold off; keep away; keep off; keep out abandon; avert; bring to a close; bring to a conclusion; bring to a halt; bring to a standstill; bring to an end; cease; conclude; crib; cross; drop out; end; field; finish; finish off; foil; force something to stop; give up; halt; hinder; oppose; parry; prevent; pull out; put out; put to a stop; quit; sabotage; set out; sojourn; sojourn somewhere; stem; stop; stopping; thwart; turn off; upset; ward off
rechazar hold off; keep away; keep off; keep out Decline; abstain; balk at; condemn; decline; denounce; disapprove; disclaim; eject; fob off with; not follow up; object to; push away; put aside; put away; refuse; refuse flatly; reject; repudiate; reserve; return; send; set aside; shove away; spurn; throw back; turn down

Synonyms for "keep away":

Related Definitions for "keep away":

  1. prevent from coming close1

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