Detailed Translations for knob from English to Spanish


knob [the ~] noun

  1. the knob
    la hinchazón; el nudo; el bulto; el bollo; la brocha; la borla
  2. the knob (bump; obstacle)
    la desigualdad; la irregularidad; el desnivel

Translation Matrix for knob:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bollo knob ball; ball of wool; block; blow; brain; brain-pan; bread roll; dent; growth; lump; roll; swelling; swollen spot; tumor; tumour
borla knob buffoon; clown; coxcomb; dandy; fop; jack pudding; jackanapes; merry Andrew; prig
brocha knob buffoon; clown; coxcomb; dandy; fop; house-painter's brush; jack pudding; jackanapes; merry Andrew; paintbrush; prig
bulto knob backpack; bale; bruise; bulging; bump; contusion; growth; hump; knapsack; lump; rucksack; slice; swelling; swollen spot; tumor; tumour
desigualdad bump; knob; obstacle being supercilious; bulge; bump; bumpiness; hump; roughness; superiority; unevenness
desnivel bump; knob; obstacle difference in altitude; difference in height; difference in level
hinchazón knob arising; bombast; bruise; contusion; curving; distension; emerging; empty rhetoric; expanding; growing; increasing; lump; puffiness; ranting; rising; rounding; swelling; swollen spot; thickening; tumidity
irregularidad bump; knob; obstacle bumpiness; disorderliness; disorders; inconstancy; irregularity; roughness; unevenness
nudo knob ball-and-socket joint; branch; brigade; department; detachment; division; hinge; hinge joint; joint; knot; ligature; section; ward
- boss; node; pommel; thickening

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Related Definitions for "knob":

  1. a round handle1
  2. a circular rounded projection or protuberance1
  3. an ornament in the shape of a ball on the hilt of a sword or dagger1
  4. any thickened enlargement1

Wiktionary Translations for knob:

  1. rounded protuberance, handle, or control switch

Cross Translation:
knob giba; joroba; córcova; tuberosidad; tubérculo bosseenflure, tumeur sur une région osseuse, causer par un choc ou une contusion.
knob pomo bouton — Pièce qui sert à tirer à soi une porte ou à l’ouvrir
knob hinchazón enflure — État de ce qui est enflé (1)
knob tuberosidad; tubérculo protubérance — didactique|fr éminence, saillie.

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