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Detailed Translations for ligature from English to Spanish


ligature [the ~] noun

  1. the ligature (joint; hinge; hinge joint; ball-and-socket joint)
    el nudo; la coyuntura; la articulación; la juntura
  2. the ligature (bandage; swathe)
    el vendaje
  3. the ligature

Translation Matrix for ligature:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
articulación ball-and-socket joint; hinge; hinge joint; joint; ligature articulation; branch; brigade; clarification; clearing; cock; communication; department; detachment; dick; division; elucidation; enlightenment; enunciation; explaining; explanation; expression; information; joint; judgement; member; member of the congregation; notice; penis; prick; pronunciation; rod; section; sod; utterance; verdict; ward; willie
coyuntura ball-and-socket joint; hinge; hinge joint; joint; ligature business outlook; state of trade; tendency of the market
juntura ball-and-socket joint; hinge; hinge joint; joint; ligature accretion; addition; additive; alliance; association; attachment; branch; brigade; clubbing; coalition; combination; composition; connection; connector; department; detachment; division; extension; fastening; fellowship; junction; liaison; linking; linking together; pact; seam; section; society; treaty; union; ward
letra de unión ligature
nudo ball-and-socket joint; hinge; hinge joint; joint; ligature branch; brigade; department; detachment; division; knob; knot; section; ward
vendaje bandage; ligature; swathe alliance; bandage; connection; relation
- binder; tying

Related Words for "ligature":

Synonyms for "ligature":

Related Definitions for "ligature":

  1. the act of tying or binding things together1
  2. something used to tie or bind1
  3. thread used by surgeons to bind a vessel (as to constrict the flow of blood)1
  4. a metal band used to attach a reed to the mouthpiece of a clarinet or saxophone1
  5. character consisting of two or more letters combined into one1
  6. (music) a group of notes connected by a slur1

Wiktionary Translations for ligature:

  1. music: group of notes played as a musical phrase
  2. typography: character that combines multiple letters

Cross Translation:
ligature ligadura LigaturTypografie: zwei Buchstaben, die eng beieinanderstehen und daher zusammen gedruckt werden