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Detailed Translations for reimbursement from English to Spanish


reimbursement [the ~] noun

  1. the reimbursement (compensation; indemnification; restitution; )
    la compensación; el rescate; el restablecimiento; la recuperación; la corrección
  2. the reimbursement (restitution; refund; repayment; indemnification; indemnity)
    la restitución
  3. the reimbursement (restitution; retrocession; refund; return; restoration)
    la restitución; la devolución
  4. the reimbursement (repayment; compensating for)
    la restitución; el arreglo

Translation Matrix for reimbursement:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
arreglo compensating for; reimbursement; repayment adjustment; agreement; approval; arrangement; atoning for; chord; clearance; come to terms; compensation; concurrence; consent; instructions; issuing of rules; make a compromise; making up for; permission; recovery; redeem; repair; repair work; repairs; restoration; rules; settlement
compensación compensation; indemnification; indemnity; recoupment; reimbursement; repayment; restitution allowance; amends; compensation; favour in return; fee; income; indemnification; indemnity; pay; payment; quid pro quo; return; salary; satisfaction; service in return; wage; wages
corrección compensation; indemnification; indemnity; recoupment; reimbursement; repayment; restitution correction; improvement; recovery; rectification; repair; restoration
devolución refund; reimbursement; restitution; restoration; retrocession; return return of premium
recuperación compensation; indemnification; indemnity; recoupment; reimbursement; repayment; restitution getting well; healing; re-examination; recovery; recuperation; repair; restoration; retest; return to health
rescate compensation; indemnification; indemnity; recoupment; reimbursement; repayment; restitution buying off; indemnification; indemnity; ransom; ransoming; re-payment; redemption; redemption money; repurchase
restablecimiento compensation; indemnification; indemnity; recoupment; reimbursement; repayment; restitution recovery; recuperation; repair; restoration
restitución compensating for; indemnification; indemnity; refund; reimbursement; repayment; restitution; restoration; retrocession; return
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- compensation; solace

Related Words for "reimbursement":

Synonyms for "reimbursement":

Related Definitions for "reimbursement":

  1. compensation paid (to someone) for damages or losses or money already spent etc.1
    • he received reimbursement for his travel expenses1

Wiktionary Translations for reimbursement:

  1. compensating someone for an expense.

Cross Translation:
reimbursement extorno; bonificación ristourne — (term, Assurances maritimes) annulation d’un contrat d’assurance au profit de l’assureur.


to reimburse verb (reimburses, reimbursed, reimbursing)

  1. to reimburse (indemnificate; restitute; repay; )
  2. to reimburse (indemnify; compensate; repay; buy them out)

Conjugations for reimburse:

  1. reimburse
  2. reimburse
  3. reimburses
  4. reimburse
  5. reimburse
  6. reimburse
simple past
  1. reimbursed
  2. reimbursed
  3. reimbursed
  4. reimbursed
  5. reimbursed
  6. reimbursed
present perfect
  1. have reimbursed
  2. have reimbursed
  3. has reimbursed
  4. have reimbursed
  5. have reimbursed
  6. have reimbursed
past continuous
  1. was reimbursing
  2. were reimbursing
  3. was reimbursing
  4. were reimbursing
  5. were reimbursing
  6. were reimbursing
  1. shall reimburse
  2. will reimburse
  3. will reimburse
  4. shall reimburse
  5. will reimburse
  6. will reimburse
continuous present
  1. am reimbursing
  2. are reimbursing
  3. is reimbursing
  4. are reimbursing
  5. are reimbursing
  6. are reimbursing
  1. be reimbursed
  2. be reimbursed
  3. be reimbursed
  4. be reimbursed
  5. be reimbursed
  6. be reimbursed
  1. reimburse!
  2. let's reimburse!
  3. reimbursed
  4. reimbursing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for reimburse:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
indemnizar buy off; buy them out; compensate; indemnificate; indemnify; make good; reimburse; repay; restitute
resarcir buy off; compensate; indemnificate; make good; reimburse; repay; restitute
- recoup

Related Words for "reimburse":

Synonyms for "reimburse":

Related Definitions for "reimburse":

  1. reimburse or compensate (someone), as for a loss1
  2. pay back for some expense incurred1
    • Can the company reimburse me for my professional travel?1

Wiktionary Translations for reimburse:

  1. to compensate with pay or money; especially, to repay money spent on one's behalf

Cross Translation:
reimburse amonestar; reprobar; censurar; vituperar; reprochar; regañar; criticar reprendre — À classer