Detailed Translations for adjustment from English to Spanish


adjustment [the ~] noun

  1. the adjustment
    la modificación; el ajuste; la adaptación; el arreglo; el reajuste
  2. the adjustment (tuning)
    el ajuste; el reglaje
  3. the adjustment (overhaul; revision; revise; )
    la revisión; el repaso
  4. the adjustment
    – A change to an account to correct or update the balance. 1
    el ajuste

Translation Matrix for adjustment:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
adaptación adjustment altering; amending; changing; edition; modifying; operating; revision; rewrite
ajuste adjustment; tuning adjusting; equalisation; equalization; fit; getting sharp; mentality; synchronisation; synchronization; tune in to; tune-up; tuning
arreglo adjustment agreement; approval; arrangement; atoning for; chord; clearance; come to terms; compensating for; compensation; concurrence; consent; instructions; issuing of rules; make a compromise; making up for; permission; recovery; redeem; reimbursement; repair; repair work; repairs; repayment; restoration; rules; settlement
modificación adjustment alteration; altering; amending; amendment; change; changing; evolution; modification; modifying; mutation
reajuste adjustment
reglaje adjustment; tuning adjusting; equalisation; equalization; synchronisation; synchronization; tune in to; tuning
repaso adjustment; amendment; conversion; overhaul; readjustment; reform; review; revise; revision; service exam; examination; face-lift; overhaul; preliminary examination; prelims; rebroadcast; reconsideration; repeat; repetition; rerun; revision; test
revisión adjustment; amendment; conversion; overhaul; readjustment; reform; review; revise; revision; service alteration; amendment; change; changing; commutation; examination; examining; hotfix; hotfix package; inspecting; inspection; markup; modification; reconsideration; redlining; revision; testing; visitation
- accommodation; adaptation; adaption; allowance; alteration; fitting; modification; readjustment; registration
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- adaptation; adaption; correction; fitting; modification; readjustment; rectification; settlement

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Related Definitions for "adjustment":

  1. the act of making something different (as e.g. the size of a garment)2
  2. the act of adjusting something to match a standard2
  3. making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances2
  4. an amount added or deducted on the basis of qualifying circumstances2
  5. the process of adapting to something (such as environmental conditions)2
  6. A change to an account to correct or update the balance.1

Wiktionary Translations for adjustment:

  1. small change

Cross Translation:
adjustment convenio; construcción; conciliación; arreglo; acuerdo schikking — juridisch|nld een regeling waarmee beide partijen genoegen nemen
adjustment regulación; reglaje; construcción; arreglo; acuerdo regeling — een combinatie van afspraken voor een bepaalde groep
adjustment procesamiento; operación; elaboración; adaptación; cultivo bewerking — een verandering om iets voor een bepaald doel geschikt te maken
adjustment adaptación; adecuación; acomodación aanpassing — het zich aanpassen
adjustment consolidación; rebaja zetting — inklinken
adjustment acomodación accommodation — Action de (s’)adapter, (se) conformer
adjustment ajuste ajustage — technol|fr action d’ajuster ensemble les différentes pièces d’un instrument, d’une machine.
adjustment transformacion; metamorfosis transformationaction de transformer.


Conjugations for adjust:

  1. adjust
  2. adjust
  3. adjusts
  4. adjust
  5. adjust
  6. adjust
simple past
  1. adjusted
  2. adjusted
  3. adjusted
  4. adjusted
  5. adjusted
  6. adjusted
present perfect
  1. have adjusted
  2. have adjusted
  3. has adjusted
  4. have adjusted
  5. have adjusted
  6. have adjusted
past continuous
  1. was adjusting
  2. were adjusting
  3. was adjusting
  4. were adjusting
  5. were adjusting
  6. were adjusting
  1. shall adjust
  2. will adjust
  3. will adjust
  4. shall adjust
  5. will adjust
  6. will adjust
continuous present
  1. am adjusting
  2. are adjusting
  3. is adjusting
  4. are adjusting
  5. are adjusting
  6. are adjusting
  1. be adjusted
  2. be adjusted
  3. be adjusted
  4. be adjusted
  5. be adjusted
  6. be adjusted
  1. adjust!
  2. let's adjust!
  3. adjusted
  4. adjusting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for adjust:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
arreglar arrangement; ordening; settling
dirigir directing; leading
regular tuning
sintonizar adjusting; equalisation; equalization; synchronisation; synchronization; tune in to; tuning
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acondicionar adjust initiate; set; start off
adaptar adjust; fix; repair be corrupted; change over; convert; degenerate; switch over; synchronise; synchronize
adaptar a adjust; tune in vote
adaptarse adjust; conform to; go along with; join; resign oneself to the inevitable; settle oneself; suit acclimatise; acclimatize; adapt; aquire; be corrupted; change over; convert; degenerate; familiarise; familiarize; fit in; get acclimatized; get used to; grow accustomed to; learn; master; settle down; switch over
adaptarse a adjust; conform to; go along with; resign oneself to the inevitable; settle oneself; suit
ajustar adjust; fix; repair; tune; tune in assume; be all right; be correct; be fit; be right; be suitable; become; befit; fine tune; presume; reconcile; redeem; redress; repair; restore; sew; snap; stretch; suit; suppose; tighten
ajustar a adjust; tune in
armonizar adjust; tune in harmonise; harmonize
arreglar adjust; conform to; join arrange; arrange something; brew; cook; do odd jobs; find again; finish; fix; fix up; freshen up; furnish; get ready; have ended; have finished; instal; install; make decent; make even; make ready; mend; model; order; pay; pay on account; prepare; reconcile; redeem; redevelop; redress; regulate; renew; renovate; repair; restore; resume; set up; settle; shape
conformarse adjust; conform to; go along with; resign oneself to the inevitable; settle oneself; suit
corregir la dirección adjust
dirigir adjust; conform to; join address; arrange; be at the wheel; be in command of; command; conduct; direct; drive; lead; order; preside; put on an address; refer to; steer; take the lead
enfocar adjust; tune in accomodate; clarify; enlighten; focalise; focalize; focus; initiate; light out; receive; set; spotlight; start off
formar adjust appoint; arrange; be; conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; create; design; educate; establish; form; initiate; instal; install; institute; invent; knead; lead up; learn; make; manufacture; massage; model; mould; outvote; prepare; put together; reject; school; set; shape; start off; teach; train; tutor; vote down
instalar adjust appoint; arrange; begin; enter into; establish; inaugurate; initiate; instal; install; institute; set; set up; start; start off; station; take on
poner derecho adjust; put up; raise correct; put straight; rectify; set right
poner recto adjust; put up; raise correct; fix; make good; put right; put straight; rectify; set right
rectificar adjust; put up; raise align; better; correct; fix; get better; guide; improve; lead; make better; make good; point the direction; put right; put straight; rectify; renew; set right
regular adjust; conform to; fix; join; tune; tune in do out; entomb; inter; put out; regulate; remove; settle; take off
sintonizar adjust; fix; tune; tune in
- adapt; align; aline; conform; correct; line up; set
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- adapt; cut to length; fit; put in position; suit; train
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
regular at set times; average; civil; feeble; frequent; frequently; many times; mediocre; medium; methodical; middling; normal; not bad; not very good; often; orderly; poor; regular; regularly; so-so; systematic; systematical; systematically; well-ordered; well-regulated; with regularity

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Antonyms for "adjust":

Related Definitions for "adjust":

  1. adapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions2
    • We must adjust to the bad economic situation2
  2. alter or regulate so as to achieve accuracy or conform to a standard2
  3. make correspondent or conformable2
  4. place in a line or arrange so as to be parallel or straight2
  5. decide how much is to be paid on an insurance claim2

Wiktionary Translations for adjust:

  1. to improve or rectify
  2. to change to fit circumstances
  3. to modify

Cross Translation:
adjust ajustar verstellen — anders stellen
adjust instalar fitten — techniek|nld in elkaar passen, pasklaar maken
adjust corregir corrigeren — iets van fouten ontdoen
adjust ajustar bijstellen — een naar verhouding kleine verandering aanbrengen in de instelling van iets
adjust ahormar; regular; ajustar afstellen — regelbare parameters zo kiezen dat een toestel voor een bepaald doel gereed is
adjust arreglar; ajustar anpassen — etwas passend machen, angleichen
adjust ajustar einstellenTechnik: justieren
adjust corregir; enmendar; rectificar korrigieren — (transitiv) einen Fehler in (von) etwas (jemandem) berichtigen, eine Korrektur durchführen
adjust acomodar; adaptar; arreglar accommoderdonner, procurer de la commodité.
adjust arreglar réglertirer avec la règle des lignes droites sur du papier, du parchemin, du carton, etc. cf|papier réglé.

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