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Detailed Translations for reticent from English to Spanish


reticent adj

  1. reticent (aloof; reserved)
  2. reticent (taciturn)

Translation Matrix for reticent:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- restrained; retiring; self-effacing; unemotional; untalkative
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- uncommunicative
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cerrado aloof; reserved; reticent against the grain; amputated; balanced; closed; dense; immovable; inflexible; locked; obstinate; recalcitrant; rigid; sealed; shut; star; stern; straight-backed; stubborn; unbending
reservado aloof; reserved; reticent aloof; introverted; kept for; put aside; reserved; set aside; shy; solitary-minded; timid; unsociable
reticente reticent; taciturn cunning; false; low; mean; nasty; sharp; shrewd; slippery; sly; underhand; vicious; vile
retraído aloof; reserved; reticent introverted; jittery; jumpy; nervous; nervy; shy; skittish; solitary-minded; subdued; timid; unsociable
taciturno reticent; taciturn against the grain; immovable; inflexible; obstinate; recalcitrant; rigid; star; stern; straight-backed; stubborn; unbending

Related Words for "reticent":

  • reticently

Synonyms for "reticent":

Related Definitions for "reticent":

  1. reluctant to draw attention to yourself1
  2. cool and formal in manner1
  3. temperamentally disinclined to talk1

Wiktionary Translations for reticent:

  1. reserved

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