Detailed Translations for wealth from English to Spanish


wealth [the ~] noun

  1. the wealth (richness)
    el recurso; la riqueza; la abundancia
  2. the wealth (prosperity; welfare; well-being; affluence)
    la prosperidad; el éxito; el bienestar; la bonanza; la afluencia; el provecho; el salud
  3. the wealth (large sum of money; capital; fortune)
    el capital; el mas dineros; la suma
  4. the wealth (opulence; richness)
    la riqueza

Translation Matrix for wealth:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abundancia richness; wealth abundance; affluence; excess; excessiveness; exuberance; luxury; multitude; overabundance; overflow; profusion; surplus
afluencia affluence; prosperity; wealth; welfare; well-being clamor; clamour; crowd; gathering; group; hubbub; hullabaloo; inflow; influx; noise; racket; stream; tumult; tumultuousness
bienestar affluence; prosperity; wealth; welfare; well-being be satisfied with; complacency; euphoria; good health; happiness; health; healthiness; pleasure; prosperity; satisfaction; success; well-being
bonanza affluence; prosperity; wealth; welfare; well-being
capital capital; fortune; large sum of money; wealth ability; be happy; capability; capacity; capital; capital city; capital sum; chief town; finances; financial means; fortune; luck; means; metropolis; quality; windfall
mas dineros capital; fortune; large sum of money; wealth
prosperidad affluence; prosperity; wealth; welfare; well-being prosperity; success
provecho affluence; prosperity; wealth; welfare; well-being advantage; benefit; earnings; economy; gain; output; productivity; profit; return; take; use; usefulness; utility; value; victory; winning; yield
recurso richness; wealth asset; expedient; help; legal remedy; makeshift; remedy; remedy at law; resource; resources; work center
riqueza opulence; richness; wealth ability; abundance; affluence; capability; capacity; capital; finances; financial means; luxury; means; quality
salud affluence; prosperity; wealth; welfare; well-being good health; health; healthiness
suma capital; fortune; large sum of money; wealth amount; capital; count; finances; financial means; means; sum; total amount
éxito affluence; prosperity; wealth; welfare; well-being bestseller; box-office success; chance; chart topper; cracker; door; doorway; fortunate; front door; good luck; hit; labour performance; prosperity; smash; smash hit; smasher; street door; succeeding; success; sure card; winner; working
- riches; wealthiness
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
capital capital; equity

Synonyms for "wealth":

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Related Definitions for "wealth":

  1. the quality of profuse abundance1
    • she has a wealth of talent1
  2. property that has economic utility: a monetary value or an exchange value1
  3. an abundance of material possessions and resources1
  4. the state of being rich and affluent; having a plentiful supply of material goods and money1
    • great wealth is not a sign of great intelligence1

Wiktionary Translations for wealth:

  1. riches; valuable material possessions

Cross Translation:
wealth riqueza rijkdom — het bezitten van veel geld en goud
wealth riqueza ReichtumSingular: einem großer materieller Besitz
wealth abundancia; afluencia abondance — Grande quantité
wealth suerte; destino fortunehasard, chance.
wealth afluencia profusiongrand abondance.
wealth riqueza; abundancia richesseopulence, abondance de biens.

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