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to be verb (is, was, being)

  1. to be (reside; dwell; hang out)
  2. to be (shape; model; form; mould)
    former; exister; modeler; faire du modelage; travailler; façonner; mouler; pétrir
    • former verb (forme, formes, formons, formez, )
    • exister verb (existe, existes, existons, existez, )
    • modeler verb (modèle, modèles, modelons, modelez, )
    • travailler verb (travaille, travailles, travaillons, travaillez, )
    • façonner verb (façonne, façonnes, façonnons, façonnez, )
    • mouler verb (moule, moules, moulons, moulez, )
    • pétrir verb (pétris, pétrit, pétrissons, pétrissez, )
  3. to be
    – have the quality of being; (copula, used with an adjective or a predicate noun) 1
    • être verb (suis, es, est, sommes, )

Conjugations for be:

  1. am
  2. are
  3. is
  4. are
  5. are
  6. are
simple past
  1. was
  2. were
  3. was
  4. were
  5. were
  6. were
present perfect
  1. have been
  2. have been
  3. has been
  4. have been
  5. have been
  6. have been
past continuous
  1. was being
  2. were being
  3. was being
  4. were being
  5. were being
  6. were being
  1. shall be
  2. will be
  3. will be
  4. shall be
  5. will be
  6. will be
continuous present
  1. am being
  2. are being
  3. is being
  4. are being
  5. are being
  6. are being
  1. be
  2. be
  3. be
  4. be
  5. be
  6. be
  1. be
  2. let's be!
  3. been
  4. are
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for be:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
être being; creation; creature; human being; individual; mortal; person
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
exister be; form; model; mould; shape exist
faire du modelage be; form; model; mould; shape
façonner be; form; model; mould; shape attend to it; attend to the matter; form; freshen up; knead; make decent; massage; model; mould; shape; treat; work on
former be; form; model; mould; shape bring up; conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; create; design; educate; form; invent; knead; lead up; learn; make; manufacture; massage; model; mould; practice; practise; prepare; put together; qualify; raise; rear; shape; study; teach; train; tutor
modeler be; form; model; mould; shape form; knead; massage; model; mould; shape
mouler be; form; model; mould; shape bind tightly; form; knead; massage; model; mould; shape; span
pétrir be; form; model; mould; shape
se trouver be; dwell; hang out; reside appear; be somewhere; end up; hang out; hang outside; look; look like
travailler be; form; model; mould; shape be active; char; do; function; labor; labour; learn; operate in; practice; practise; study; work
être be be somewhere
- comprise; constitute; cost; embody; equal; exist; find myself; follow; live; make up; personify; represent
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- spend one's time; turn out

Synonyms for "be":

Antonyms for "be":

Related Definitions for "be":

  1. spend or use time1
    • I may be an hour1
  2. work in a specific place, with a specific subject, or in a specific function1
    • He is a herpetologist1
    • She is our resident philosopher1
  3. have an existence, be extant1
  4. have the quality of being; (copula, used with an adjective or a predicate noun)1
    • John is rich1
    • This is not a good answer1
  5. have life, be alive1
    • Our great leader is no more1
  6. be identical to; be someone or something1
    • The president of the company is John Smith1
    • This is my house1
  7. form or compose1
    • This money is my only income1
    • The stone wall was the backdrop for the performance1
    • These constitute my entire belonging1
    • This sum represents my entire income for a year1
    • These few men comprise his entire army1
  8. occupy a certain position or area; be somewhere1
    • Where is my umbrella?1
    • The toolshed is in the back1
    • What is behind this behavior?1
  9. be identical or equivalent to1
  10. represent, as of a character on stage1
    • Derek Jacobi was Hamlet1
  11. be priced at1
  12. to remain unmolested, undisturbed, or uninterrupted -- used only in infinitive form1
    • let her be1
  13. happen, occur, take place1
    • I lost my wallet; this was during the visit to my parents' house1
    • There were two hundred people at his funeral1
    • There was a lot of noise in the kitchen1

Wiktionary Translations for be:

  1. used to indicate weather, air quality, or the like
  2. (archaic) used to form the perfect aspect with certain intransitive verbs
  3. used to form the passive voice
  4. used to indicate that the subject has the qualities described by a noun or noun phrase
  5. used to connect a noun to an adjective that describes it
  6. used to indicate that the subject plays the role of the predicate nominative
  7. used to indicate that the values on either side of an equation are the same
  8. used to indicate that the subject and object are the same
  9. elliptical form of "be here", or similar
  10. exist
  11. occur, take place
  12. occupy a place
  1. Ne pas avoir en quantité suffisante.
  2. se trouver (en un lieu) ; être (quelque part)
  3. Trouver son origine...
  4. Il y a … que
  5. Verbe
  1. (pop) A la fin d'une phrase affirmative

Cross Translation:
be prier bidden — in gebed zijn, een godheid iets vragen
be être; devenir; se faire; faire worden — (hulpwerkwoord) vormt de lijdende vorm
be y; avoir zijn — bestaan
be être zijn — zich bevinden.
be être zijn — gelijk zijn aan.
be être zijn — tot de groep behoren van
be être dénué; être dépourvu; être privé entbehren — K|intrans.|geh.|mG etwas für notwendig, vorteilhaft, passend, angenehm Erachtetes als fehlend, mangelnd empfinden; nicht besitzen
be être esseVollverb: sein, vorhanden sein, existieren
be y avoir geben — (in Verbindung mit es) existieren, da sein
be dire lauten — aus den genannten Worten bestehen, den Wortlaut haben
be être sein — Kopula, die dem Subjekt ein logisches Prädikat zuordnet
be être seinzusammen mit einer Ortsangabe: sich am genannten Ort befinden
be être; irrésolu uneinsauf eine Person bezogen: sich nicht entscheiden könnend; Zweifel habend
be accepter la responsabilité; de; quelque chose; assumer la responsabilité; être; responsable; prendre la responsabilité; supporter la responsabilité verantwortlich zeichnenAmtssprache, verantwortlich zeichnen für etwas: die übertragene Verantwortung ausübend seine Unterschrift unter etwas setzen
be accorder; adonner; avec; comprendre; entendre; être en affaires; plaire; sympathiser; être; doué; pour; y; connaître; en verstehen — (reflexiv) ohne Streitigkeiten mit jemandem auskommen, eine gute persönliche Beziehung zu jemandem haben
be gourer; planter; tromper vertunreflexiv; umgangssprachlich: etwas irrtümlicherweise für wahr oder richtig erachten, einen Fehler (bei etwas) begehen

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