Detailed Translations for clue from English to French


clue [the ~] noun

  1. the clue (lead; tip; hint)
    l'indication; l'indice; l'indices
  2. the clue (tip; hint; pointer; )
    la suggestion; le tuyau; l'éclaircissement; le signe de tête; le signe du doigt; la trace; le bout; le signe; le coin

Translation Matrix for clue:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bout clue; cue; hint; lead; pointer; tip; tip-off board; butt; end; far end; final; part; piece; portion; section; segment; share; small part; stub; stump; terminus; tip; toe cap
coin clue; cue; hint; lead; pointer; tip; tip-off angle; cleat; clothes pin; clothes-peg; corner; fishery; fishing ground; fishing place; fishing water; hook; key; nook; peg; place; quoin; street-corner; wedge
indication clue; hint; lead; tip allusion; assignment; command; evidence; hint; indicating; indication; innuendo; instruction; lead; omen; order; pointer; pointing out; reference; showing; sign; starting point; suggestion; symptom
indice clue; hint; lead; tip allusion; area code; attribute; character description; character profile; characterisation; characteristic; characterization; dialling code; feature; gesture; guide number; hint; index; index figure; index number; innuendo; prefix; property; quality; reference; sign; signal; stock index; stock-exchange index; trait
indices clue; hint; lead; tip indication; lead; omens; pointer; starting point; suggestion
signe clue; cue; hint; lead; pointer; tip; tip-off attribute; badge; blink; body of evidence; character; characteristic; characterizing someone; decoration; evidence; feature; font; gesture; honor; honour; identification mark; identifying mark; knighthood; licence number; licence plate; mark; medal; number plate; order; piece of evidence; proof; property; registration number; sign; sign of the Zodiac; signal; token; trait; type; typeface; wink
signe de tête clue; cue; hint; lead; pointer; tip; tip-off nod; sign; signal
signe du doigt clue; cue; hint; lead; pointer; tip; tip-off
suggestion clue; cue; hint; lead; pointer; tip; tip-off allusion; hint; innuendo; reference
trace clue; cue; hint; lead; pointer; tip; tip-off footmark; footprint; gleam; trace dependency
tuyau clue; cue; hint; lead; pointer; tip; tip-off drainage; draining off; flowing off; indication; lead; pointer; quill; roof gutter; starting point; suggestion
éclaircissement clue; cue; hint; lead; pointer; tip; tip-off announcements; bright interval; brightning up; clarification; clearing; communication; elucidation; enlightenment; explaining; explanation; information; lighting up; notice; report
- clew; cue; hint
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- clew
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
indice subscript

Related Words for "clue":

  • clues

Synonyms for "clue":

Related Definitions for "clue":

  1. evidence that helps to solve a problem1
  2. a slight indication1
  3. roll into a ball1

Wiktionary Translations for clue:

  1. to provide with information
  1. object or marking that may be used in evidence
  2. information that may lead one to a certain point or conclusion
  1. signe apparent et probable qu’une chose exister ou se produire.

Cross Translation:
clue indice; indication Hinweis — die Handlung, jemanden auf etwas aufmerksam zu machen
clue indice Hinweis — etwas, das jemanden auf etwas aufmerksam macht
clue point de repère Anhaltspunkt — etwas, das einen Hinweis für die Richtigkeit einer Annahme gibt
clue point de repère; point de départ; piste; amorce; clef aanknopingspunt — feit of gegeven op basis waarvan wordt voortgebouwd, verder geredeneerd enz.