Detailed Translations for delivery from English to French


delivery [the ~] noun

  1. the delivery (consignment; dispatch; sending; )
    la livraison; l'envoi; la remise; l'expédition; la mission
  2. the delivery
    la réception
  3. the delivery
    la livraison
  4. the delivery (yielding)
    la livraison; la remise; le dépôt; la distribution
  5. the delivery (order)
    la livraison; la distribution
  6. the delivery (supply; supplies)
    la livraison; la fourniture; l'envoi; l'approvisionnement; l'expédition; la remise; le ravitaillement; la distribution; la provisions; le stocks; le dépôt; la mission; la réserve; la provision; le stock; la réserves; la survenance; l'arrivage
  7. the delivery (childbirth; birth; confinement)
    la naissance; l'accouchement; la délivrance; la parturition; la couches
  8. the delivery (edition; issue)
    l'édition; le fascicule
  9. the delivery (handing over; extradition)
    la remise; le dépôt
  10. the delivery (presentation; offer; introduction)
    la remise en mains; la remise
  11. the delivery (declamation)
    la déclamation; l'exposé; la conférence; la récitation
  12. the delivery (diction; presentation)
    la diction; l'élocution
  13. the delivery
    – A product sent to a customer. 1
    la livraison

Translation Matrix for delivery:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
accouchement birth; childbirth; confinement; delivery
approvisionnement delivery; supplies; supply building up of stocks; care; facility; furnishing; maintenance; nursing; procurement; providing; provision; provisioning; service; stockpiling; supplies; supply
arrivage delivery; supplies; supply supplies; supply
conférence declamation; delivery conference; congress; consultation; deliver a lecture; dogma; essay; foreword; gathering; introduction; introductory remarks; lecture; meeting; paper; preamble; preface; project; prologue; reading; religious doctrine; seminar; speaking engagements; symposium; talks; tenet; turn to read; version
couches birth; childbirth; confinement; delivery childbed
diction delivery; diction; presentation
distribution delivery; order; supplies; supply; yielding circulation; distribution; distribution office; division; expansion; granting; issue; partition; septum; spreading
déclamation declamation; delivery bombast; declamation; declamatory art; discourses; empty rhetoric; foreword; introduction; introductory remarks; lecture; preamble; preface; prologue; ranting; speaking engagements
délivrance birth; childbirth; confinement; delivery bliss; delight; deliverance; delivering; distribution; granting; happiness; issue; liberation; redemption; release; relief; rescue; salvation; turning out
dépôt delivery; extradition; handing over; supplies; supply; yielding armory; armoury; arsenal; boiler-scale; custody; deposit; deposit at; depository; depot; dregs; entrust to; introduction; keeping; larder; leave with; lees; lodge with; money transfer; muck; pantry; presentation; preservation; quota; remittance; scale; sediment; share; shed; sludge; storage; storage accommodation; storage place; store; storehouse; storeroom; warehouse
envoi consignment; delivery; dispatch; remittance; sending; sending in; supplies; supply announcement; contribution; dispatch; exhibit; forwarding; mailing; message; piece of news; remittance; report; sending; shipment; statement; submission; transfer
exposé declamation; delivery account; angle; aspect; attitude; city plan; commentary; conception; dogma; elucidation; essay; floor-plan; foreword; groundplan; idea; interpretation; introduction; introductory remarks; lecture; legend; map; myth; narration; notion; opinion; outlook; paper; perspective; plan; point of view; preamble; preface; project; prologue; reading; religious doctrine; report; site plan; sketch of the situation; stand; story; street map; synopses; tale; tenet; town-map; turn to read; version; view; vision; way of thinking
expédition consignment; delivery; dispatch; remittance; sending; sending in; supplies; supply despatch; dispatch; expedition; forewarding; forwarding; hike; hiking tour; journey; mailing; march; reconnoitering expedition; remittance; scouting expedition; search; sending; shipment; tour; transfer; voyage
fascicule delivery; edition; issue
fourniture delivery; supplies; supply supplies; supply
livraison consignment; delivery; dispatch; order; remittance; sending; sending in; supplies; supply; yielding delivering; distribution; granting; issue; supplies; supply; supplying; turning out
mission consignment; delivery; dispatch; remittance; sending; sending in; supplies; supply assignment; chore; command; cue; dispatch; duties; instruction; labor; labour; mission; motto; order; parole; shibboleth; task; work; working; workpiece
naissance birth; childbirth; confinement; delivery
parturition birth; childbirth; confinement; delivery
provision delivery; supplies; supply brokerage; brokerage fee; commission; real estate brokerage; real estate brokerage fee; supplies; supply
provisions delivery; supplies; supply eatables; edibles; food; provisions; supplies; supply; victuals
ravitaillement delivery; supplies; supply food supply; provisioning; supplies; supply
remise consignment; delivery; dispatch; extradition; handing over; introduction; offer; presentation; remittance; sending; sending in; supplies; supply; yielding allowance; barn; coach-house; construction shed; cut; deduction; den; depository; depot; discount; distribution; granting; handing over; hangar; hovel; hut; introduction; issue; larder; pantry; presentation; rebate; relief; shanty; shed; site hut; store; storehouse; storeroom; warehouse
remise en mains delivery; introduction; offer; presentation
réception delivery cheating; corruption; corruptions; counter; defalcation; desk; drawing-room; drop; embezzlement; fencing; foyer; fraud; informal gathering; informal party; informal reception; malversation; malversations; nip; peg; receipt; reception; reception room; reception-room; salon; swindle; swindling; treat; waiting-room; welcome; welcoming; words of welcome
récitation declamation; delivery declamation; discourses; lecture; recitals; recitations; speaking engagements
réserve delivery; supplies; supply depot; discomfiture; game reserve; measure; moderation; modesty; quietness; reservation; reserve; restraint; restriction; reticence; shed; shyness; store; storehouse; timidity; timorousness; warehouse
réserves delivery; supplies; supply reserves; stock; stockpile
stock delivery; supplies; supply depot; goods in stock; inventory; shed; stock; stock in hand; stockpile; store; storehouse; warehouse
stocks delivery; supplies; supply
survenance delivery; supplies; supply supplies; supply
édition delivery; edition; issue announcement; declaration; disclosure; edition; noise level; print; print out; print-out; proclamation; publication; publishing; sound intensity; sound level; sound volume; volume
élocution delivery; diction; presentation foreword; introduction; introductory remarks; lecture; preamble; preface; prologue; speaking engagements
- bringing; deliverance; legal transfer; livery; manner of speaking; obstetrical delivery; pitch; rescue; saving; speech
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
remise discount
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dépôt cache
- childbirth; handing in
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
exposé clarified; cleared up; enlightened; explained; illuminated; illustrated; lit; made lighter; opened; opened up; unlocked
réception accepting; receiving

Synonyms for "delivery":

Related Definitions for "delivery":

  1. the act of delivering a child2
  2. recovery or preservation from loss or danger2
  3. (baseball) the act of throwing a baseball by a pitcher to a batter2
  4. the act of delivering or distributing something (as goods or mail)2
    • his reluctant delivery of bad news2
  5. the voluntary transfer of something (title or possession) from one party to another2
  6. your characteristic style or manner of expressing yourself orally2
  7. the event of giving birth2
    • she had a difficult delivery2
  8. A product sent to a customer.1

Wiktionary Translations for delivery:

  1. administration of a drug
  2. act of giving birth
  3. act of conveying something
  1. Action d’accoucher
  2. entrée, avancement dans une voie, vers un but.
  3. provision fournir ou à fournir.
  4. commerce|nocat=1 Action de livrer de la marchandise qu’on a vendue
  5. Action de remettre

Cross Translation:
delivery livraison Lieferung — das Transportieren (meist von etwas, das gekauft wurde) an einen bestimmten Ort
delivery accouchement bevalling — het baren van een kind

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