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Detailed Translations for galvanise from English to French


galvanise verb, British

  1. galvanise (galvanize)
    • galvaniser verb (galvanise, galvanises, galvanisons, galvanisez, )
  2. to galvanise (galvanize)
    galvaniser; sombrer; couler; s'enfoncer; se plonger
    • galvaniser verb (galvanise, galvanises, galvanisons, galvanisez, )
    • sombrer verb (sombre, sombres, sombrons, sombrez, )
    • couler verb (coule, coules, coulons, coulez, )
    • s'enfoncer verb
    • se plonger verb

Translation Matrix for galvanise:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
couler draining away; flowing away; running away
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
couler galvanise; galvanize be going down hill; come down in torrents; drain away; drain off; drip; drop; fall; flee; flow; flow away; fly; go under; gush; leak away; perish; pitter; pour; prolapse; run; sag; set; sink; stream; submerge; subside; succumb; suffer; trickle; tumble
galvaniser galvanise; galvanize
s'enfoncer galvanise; galvanize be going down hill; bulge out; cave in; collapse; crumble down; go under; prolapse; relapse; sag; sink; sink in; slump; subside
se plonger galvanise; galvanize drop; fall; sink; tumble
sombrer galvanise; galvanize be going down hill; be killed; decline; drop; fall; go to pieces; go to the dogs; go to wrack and ruin; go under; perish; prolapse; sag; set; sink; submerge; subside; succumb; suffer; tumble
- galvanize; startle
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- galvanize

Synonyms for "galvanise":

Related Definitions for "galvanise":

  1. stimulate (muscles) by administering a shock1
  2. cover with zinc1
  3. to stimulate to action 1

Wiktionary Translations for galvanise:

Cross Translation:
galvanise galvaniser galvanisierenOberflächen in einem elektrolytischen Bad beschichten