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Detailed Translations for in brief from English to French

in brief:

in brief adv

  1. in brief (in short; in a word)
  2. in brief (in short)

Translation Matrix for in brief:

AdverbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- briefly; concisely; in short; shortly
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bref in a word; in brief; in short abrupt; brief; briefly; briefly worded; concise; condensed; cursory; fast; in short; just; minimal; pithy; simply; snappy; snarling; succinct; summarily; summarized; terse
en résumé in a word; in brief; in short just; simply
enfin in a word; in brief; in short at last; eventually; final; finally; just; simply; ultimately
tout court in a word; in brief; in short just; simply; without detours

Synonyms for "in brief":

Related Definitions for "in brief":

  1. in a concise manner; in a few words1

Wiktionary Translations for in brief:

in brief
  1. Enfin, pour le dire en peu de mots.
  1. en résumé.

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