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Detailed Translations for invoice from English to French


invoice [the ~] noun

  1. the invoice (account; bill)
    – an itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered 1
    la facture; l'addition; la note de frais; la note; la déclaration; le mémoire des frais

to invoice verb (invoices, invoiced, invoicing)

  1. to invoice (charge; bill)
    – send an bill to 1
    facturer; compter
    • facturer verb (facture, factures, facturons, facturez, )
    • compter verb (compte, comptes, comptons, comptez, )

Conjugations for invoice:

  1. invoice
  2. invoice
  3. invoices
  4. invoice
  5. invoice
  6. invoice
simple past
  1. invoiced
  2. invoiced
  3. invoiced
  4. invoiced
  5. invoiced
  6. invoiced
present perfect
  1. have invoiced
  2. have invoiced
  3. has invoiced
  4. have invoiced
  5. have invoiced
  6. have invoiced
past continuous
  1. was invoicing
  2. were invoicing
  3. was invoicing
  4. were invoicing
  5. were invoicing
  6. were invoicing
  1. shall invoice
  2. will invoice
  3. will invoice
  4. shall invoice
  5. will invoice
  6. will invoice
continuous present
  1. am invoicing
  2. are invoicing
  3. is invoicing
  4. are invoicing
  5. are invoicing
  6. are invoicing
  1. be invoiced
  2. be invoiced
  3. be invoiced
  4. be invoiced
  5. be invoiced
  6. be invoiced
  1. invoice!
  2. let's invoice!
  3. invoiced
  4. invoicing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for invoice:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
addition account; bill; invoice addendum; adding up; addition; addition sum; addition to; additive; affix; appendage; appendix; chain; coming together; completion; concentration; count; extension; extra; fill up; filling; finishing; footing; joining up; new supply; note; padding; replenishment; report; score; sequence; series; stuffing; sum; supplement; total amount
déclaration account; bill; invoice announcement; clearance; clearing; comment; declaration; enunciation; expression; expression of opinion; judgement; letting out; note; notification; pronunciation; remark; report; sentence; statement; subpoena; summons; testimony; utterance; verdict
facture account; bill; invoice bill; cash slip; charging; note; note of remittance; receipt; report; sales slip
mémoire des frais account; bill; invoice note; report
note account; bill; invoice annotation; business note; charge; chit; foot-note; grade; grading mark; intonation; mark; memorandum; mentioning; note; pitch; reminder; report; report mark; scrawl; scribble; scribbling; short letter; slip of paper; sound; statement; term result; timber; timbre; tone; tone colour
note de frais account; bill; invoice bill for expenses; expense report; expense sheet; expenses claim; note; report
- account; bill
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
compter bill; charge; invoice add up; calculate; count; count in; count off; figure in; include
facturer bill; charge; invoice

Synonyms for "invoice":

Related Definitions for "invoice":

  1. an itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered1
  2. send an bill to1
    • She invoiced the company for her expenses1

Wiktionary Translations for invoice:

  1. bill
  1. to bill
  1. Pièce comptable
  1. émettre une facture

Cross Translation:
invoice facture RechnungHandel: schriftliche Kostenforderung für erhaltene Waren oder Dienstleistungen
invoice facturer fakturierenWirtschaft, Rechnungswesen: gelieferte Waren oder geleistete Dienste in Rechnung stellen; Waren berechnen
invoice facture factuur — een document met een beschrijving van goederen die een bedrijf (aan een ander bedrijf) geleverd heeft
invoice facturer factureren — (overgankelijk) een factuur opmaken van, op een factuur vermelden

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