Detailed Translations for look after from English to French

look after:

to look after verb (looks after, looked after, looking after)

  1. to look after (take care; see to)
  2. to look after (care; take care of; nurture; nurse)
  3. to look after (look round)
    réviser; revoir
    • réviser verb (révise, révises, révisons, révisez, )
    • revoir verb (revois, revoit, revoyons, revoyez, )
  4. to look after (look back; view rear; look behind)

Conjugations for look after:

  1. look after
  2. look after
  3. looks after
  4. look after
  5. look after
  6. look after
simple past
  1. looked after
  2. looked after
  3. looked after
  4. looked after
  5. looked after
  6. looked after
present perfect
  1. have looked after
  2. have looked after
  3. has looked after
  4. have looked after
  5. have looked after
  6. have looked after
past continuous
  1. was looking after
  2. were looking after
  3. was looking after
  4. were looking after
  5. were looking after
  6. were looking after
  1. shall look after
  2. will look after
  3. will look after
  4. shall look after
  5. will look after
  6. will look after
continuous present
  1. am looking after
  2. are looking after
  3. is looking after
  4. are looking after
  5. are looking after
  6. are looking after
  1. be looked after
  2. be looked after
  3. be looked after
  4. be looked after
  5. be looked after
  6. be looked after
  1. look after!
  2. let's look after!
  3. looked after
  4. looking after
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for look after:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avoir soin de care; look after; nurse; nurture; take care of aid someone financially; back someone; keep up; maintain; provide for; support
prendre soin look after; see to; take care
prendre soin de look after; see to; take care aid someone financially; back someone; bring up; care for; educate; keep up; maintain; nurse; provide for; raise; rear; serve; serve out; support; take care of somebody; tend; worry about
regarder en arrière look after; look back; look behind; view rear look back; retrospect; review
revoir look after; look round alter; amend; audit; check; examine; inspect; meet again; review; revise; see again; verify
réviser look after; look round alter; amend; audit; change; check; examine; inspect; modify; overhaul; reform; reshape; review; revise; rewrite; verify
tourner la tête look after; look back; look behind; view rear
- have at heart; promote
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- attend to

Synonyms for "look after":

Related Definitions for "look after":

  1. keep under careful scrutiny1

Wiktionary Translations for look after:

look after
  1. to watch, to protect
look after
Cross Translation:
look after soigner verzorgen — (overgankelijk) erop toezien dat een persoon of een dier het nodige verkrijgt
look after protéger; garder; surveiller gaumen — (transitiv), Schweiz: auf jemandem, etwas aufpassen; in seine Obhut nehmen
look after protéger; soigner hegen — (transitiv): aufmerksam schützen und versorgen
look after avoir sous sa garde hüten — (transitiv): aufpassen auf
look after prendre soin; occuper kümmern(reflexiv), mit „um“: für jemanden sorgen
look after soigner pflegen — zum Zweck der Erhaltung bzw. Verbesserung eines Zustandes behandeln

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