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Detailed Translations for mention from English to French


to mention verb (mentions, mentioned, mentioning)

  1. to mention (list)
    mentionner; citer; faire mention de; nommer; informer; mettre au courant
    • mentionner verb (mentionne, mentionnes, mentionnons, mentionnez, )
    • citer verb (cite, cites, citons, citez, )
    • nommer verb (nomme, nommes, nommons, nommez, )
    • informer verb (informe, informes, informons, informez, )
  2. to mention (name; call; stamp one's foot)
    appeler; mentionner; nommer
    • appeler verb (appelle, appelles, appelons, appelez, )
    • mentionner verb (mentionne, mentionnes, mentionnons, mentionnez, )
    • nommer verb (nomme, nommes, nommons, nommez, )
  3. to mention (enumerate; list; name)
    énumérer; nommer
    • énumérer verb (énumère, énumères, énumérons, énumérez, )
    • nommer verb (nomme, nommes, nommons, nommez, )
  4. to mention (make mention of)
    mentionner; faire mention de; relater
    • mentionner verb (mentionne, mentionnes, mentionnons, mentionnez, )
    • relater verb (relate, relates, relatons, relatez, )

Conjugations for mention:

  1. mention
  2. mention
  3. mentions
  4. mention
  5. mention
  6. mention
simple past
  1. mentioned
  2. mentioned
  3. mentioned
  4. mentioned
  5. mentioned
  6. mentioned
present perfect
  1. have mentioned
  2. have mentioned
  3. has mentioned
  4. have mentioned
  5. have mentioned
  6. have mentioned
past continuous
  1. was mentioning
  2. were mentioning
  3. was mentioning
  4. were mentioning
  5. were mentioning
  6. were mentioning
  1. shall mention
  2. will mention
  3. will mention
  4. shall mention
  5. will mention
  6. will mention
continuous present
  1. am mentioning
  2. are mentioning
  3. is mentioning
  4. are mentioning
  5. are mentioning
  6. are mentioning
  1. be mentioned
  2. be mentioned
  3. be mentioned
  4. be mentioned
  5. be mentioned
  6. be mentioned
  1. mention!
  2. let's mention!
  3. mentioned
  4. mentioning
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for mention:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- acknowledgment; citation; cite; credit; honorable mention; quotation; reference
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
appeler call; mention; name; stamp one's foot appeal; appeal against; appeal to someone; call; call in; call out to; call over; call up; call upon; cry out to; denominate; give a ring; hail; lodge an appeal; make a call; name; phone; phone someone; protest; remind; ring; ring up; send for; shout; sound; speak; subpoena; summon; telephone; term
citer list; mention bring up; broach; broach a subject; call; cite; cut; cut into; denominate; initiate; name; put forward; put on the table; quote; raise; reap; sting; subpoena; summon; term; throw up; toss in the air; toss up
faire mention de list; make mention of; mention
informer list; mention announce; inform
mentionner call; list; make mention of; mention; name; stamp one's foot appeal; appeal against; apply; call; denominate; enrol for; name; register; report oneself; term
mettre au courant list; mention inform; introduce; prepare; report
nommer call; enumerate; list; mention; name; stamp one's foot advise; appoint; call; consider; denominate; elect; employ; engage; establish; hire; instal; install; institute; mention by name; name; nominate; present; propose; recommend; recruit; sign on; suggest; term
relater make mention of; mention announce; inform; report; state
énumérer enumerate; list; mention; name
- advert; bring up; cite; name; note; observe; refer; remark
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- advance; put forward; set forth; state

Related Words for "mention":

Synonyms for "mention":

Related Definitions for "mention":

  1. an official recognition of merit1
    • although he didn't win the prize he did get special mention1
  2. a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage1
    • the article includes mention of similar clinical cases1
  3. a remark that calls attention to something or someone1
    • she made frequent mention of her promotion1
    • there was no mention of it1
  4. make mention of1
  5. commend1
  6. make reference to1
    • His name was mentioned in connection with the invention1

Wiktionary Translations for mention:

  1. make a short reference something
Cross Translation:
mention citer noemen — vermelden door het uitspreken van de naam
mention mention Erwähnung — Die Tatsache, dass eine Angelegenheit in einem umfassenderen Zusammenhang benannt, angesprochen und eingeordnet wird
mention mentionner; citer erwähnentransitiv: etwas nebenbei und beiläufig aussprechen, zur Sprache bringen
mention nommer nennen — eine Person oder ein Ding mit Namen erwähnen

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