Detailed Translations for advance from English to French


to advance verb (advances, advanced, advancing)

  1. to advance (forward)
    avancer; placer devant; anticiper; décaler l'heure du début de
    • avancer verb (avance, avances, avançons, avancez, )
    • anticiper verb (anticipe, anticipes, anticipons, anticipez, )
  2. to advance
    avancer; prêter
    • avancer verb (avance, avances, avançons, avancez, )
    • prêter verb (prête, prêtes, prêtons, prêtez, )
  3. to advance (promote; go ahead)
    promouvoir; favoriser
    • promouvoir verb (promeus, promeut, promouvons, promouvez, )
    • favoriser verb (favorise, favorises, favorisons, favorisez, )
  4. to advance (approach)
    approcher; venir à la rencontre de; se rapprocher; aller au-devant de; aborder
    • approcher verb (approche, approches, approchons, approchez, )
    • aborder verb (aborde, abordes, abordons, abordez, )
  5. to advance (promote; help; push)
    promouvoir; promouvoir quelque chose; favoriser
    • promouvoir verb (promeus, promeut, promouvons, promouvez, )
    • favoriser verb (favorise, favorises, favorisons, favorisez, )
  6. to advance (push forward; move up; slide in front)
    avancer; pousser en avant
    • avancer verb (avance, avances, avançons, avancez, )
  7. to advance (march on; go onward)
    avancer; marcher
    • avancer verb (avance, avances, avançons, avancez, )
    • marcher verb (marche, marches, marchons, marchez, )
  8. to advance (go forward)
  9. to advance (to get promoted; ascend; rise; climb)
    promouvoir; monter en grade; monter; avancer; retoucher; parachever; retaper; être promu; travailler à côté
    • promouvoir verb (promeus, promeut, promouvons, promouvez, )
    • monter verb (monte, montes, montons, montez, )
    • avancer verb (avance, avances, avançons, avancez, )
    • retoucher verb (retouche, retouches, retouchons, retouchez, )
    • parachever verb (parachève, parachèves, parachevons, parachevez, )
    • retaper verb (retape, retapes, retapons, retapez, )

Conjugations for advance:

  1. advance
  2. advance
  3. advances
  4. advance
  5. advance
  6. advance
simple past
  1. advanced
  2. advanced
  3. advanced
  4. advanced
  5. advanced
  6. advanced
present perfect
  1. have advanced
  2. have advanced
  3. has advanced
  4. have advanced
  5. have advanced
  6. have advanced
past continuous
  1. was advancing
  2. were advancing
  3. was advancing
  4. were advancing
  5. were advancing
  6. were advancing
  1. shall advance
  2. will advance
  3. will advance
  4. shall advance
  5. will advance
  6. will advance
continuous present
  1. am advancing
  2. are advancing
  3. is advancing
  4. are advancing
  5. are advancing
  6. are advancing
  1. be advanced
  2. be advanced
  3. be advanced
  4. be advanced
  5. be advanced
  6. be advanced
  1. advance!
  2. let's advance!
  3. advanced
  4. advancing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

advance [the ~] noun

  1. the advance (advanced money)
    l'acompte; l'avance
  2. the advance (march; military walking)
    la marche; l'avance; l'approchement; l'approche
  3. the advance (approach)
    l'approchement; l'avances
  4. the advance (approach)
    l'approchement; l'avance
  5. the advance (rising; boom)
  6. the advance

Translation Matrix for advance:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acompte advance; advanced money down payment; prepayment; prepmt
approche advance; march; military walking approach; at hand; coming; coming up; manufacturing process; method; method of working; mode of operation; on the way; operation procedure; procedure; pulling up; routine; system; working method
approchement advance; approach; march; military walking at hand; coming; on the way
avance advance; advanced money; approach; march; military walking allowance; lead
avancer push forward
avances advance; approach advances; jumps; leads
marche advance; march; military walking course; full speed; hiking; in transit; locomotion; passage through; rambling; rung; speed; stair; step; stile
monter ascent; going up; increase; rise; rising; uplift
élévation advance; boom; rising elevation; height; hill; launching; lifting; lifting up; raising; rise; swell
- advancement; approach; betterment; cash advance; feeler; forward motion; improvement; onward motion; overture; procession; progress; progression; rise
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aborder advance; approach anchor; board; bring something up; bring up; broach; broach a subject; call; call out to; cry out to; cut; cut into; elapse; end up at; expire; fall; fasten; go by; hail; initiate; land; make a proposal; moor; pass; put forward; put on the table; raise; reap; shout; speak; sting; suggest; throw up; tie up; toss in the air; toss up; ventilate
aller au-devant de advance; approach
aller en avant advance; go forward drive in front; drive onward; lead the way; walk on before
anticiper advance; forward anticipate; foresee
approcher advance; approach announce; approach; be next; come close; press in; push in; shove in
avancer advance; ascend; climb; forward; go onward; march on; move up; push forward; rise; slide in front; to get promoted assert; be going to; bring forward; bring in; bring in money; bring up; broach; broach a subject; contend; continue; cut into; demonstrate; do as if; express; express oneself; feign; forge ahead; give expression to; go; go on; impersonate; improve; initiate; intimate; introduce; make a proposal; make head-way; make progress; move; move on; nominate; postulate; present; pretend; progress; prompt; propel; propose; put forward; put on the table; raise; reveal oneself; sham; speak; step onward; suggest; take it further; talk; utter; ventilate; walk
décaler l'heure du début de advance; forward
favoriser advance; go ahead; help; promote; push cheer on; donate; encourage; favor; favour; fire; give; give preference; incite; inspire; strike into
marcher advance; go onward; march on be on; function
monter advance; ascend; climb; rise; to get promoted arise; ascend; ascent; assemble; be off; be on the upgrade; become higher; become larger; bristle; build up; carry up; climb; climb up; climb upstairs; draw up; drive along; drive up; drive upwards; flare up; fly up; get away; go up; go upstairs; go upward; go upwards; grow; heave; hoist; increase; lift; lift up; mount; raise; ride; ride horseback; ride up; rise; rise to the surface; rise up; stage; stand up; start; step up; step upstairs; take off; walk up; work oneself up
monter en grade advance; ascend; climb; rise; to get promoted get promotion
parachever advance; ascend; climb; rise; to get promoted accomplish; bring to a close; bring to a conclusion; bring to an end; complete; conclude; end; finish; finish off; get done; get ready; retouch; touch up
placer devant advance; forward
pousser en avant advance; move up; push forward; slide in front drive; give a push; goad; irritate; move on; nettle; propel; push; push along; push on; shove; stimulate; whip up
promouvoir advance; ascend; climb; go ahead; help; promote; push; rise; to get promoted cheer on; encourage; fire; incite; inspire; promote; strike into
promouvoir quelque chose advance; help; promote; push
prêter advance allow; grant credit; lend; lend out
retaper advance; ascend; climb; rise; to get promoted fix up; redevelop; renew; renovate; resume; retouch; touch up
retoucher advance; ascend; climb; rise; to get promoted retouch; touch up
se rapprocher advance; approach
travailler à côté advance; ascend; climb; rise; to get promoted
venir à la rencontre de advance; approach
être promu advance; ascend; climb; rise; to get promoted
- boost; bring forward; come along; come on; elevate; encourage; further; gain; gain ground; get ahead; get along; get on; go on; kick upstairs; make headway; march on; move on; pass on; progress; promote; pull ahead; raise; set ahead; shape up; supercharge; throw out; upgrade; win
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- advanced; beforehand; in advance
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
promouvoir promote
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avance de trésorerie advance
- advancing; approach; approaching; elder hand; mention; progress; put forward; set forth; state; strain

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Related Definitions for "advance":

  1. situated ahead or going before1
    • an advance party1
  2. being ahead of time or need1
    • gave advance warning1
  3. the act of moving forward (as toward a goal)1
  4. increase in price or value1
    • the news caused a general advance on the stock market1
  5. a tentative suggestion designed to elicit the reactions of others1
    • she rejected his advances1
  6. a change for the better; progress in development1
  7. a movement forward1
  8. an amount paid before it is earned1
  9. rise in rate or price1
  10. develop in a positive way1
  11. increase or raise1
  12. develop further1
    • We are advancing technology every day1
  13. bring forward for consideration or acceptance1
    • advance an argument1
  14. obtain advantages, such as points, etc.1
  15. move forward, also in the metaphorical sense1
  16. cause to move forward1
  17. move forward1
    • we have to advance clocks and watches when we travel eastward1
  18. pay in advance1
    • Can you advance me some money?1
  19. give a promotion to or assign to a higher position1
    • Women tend not to advance in the major law firms1
  20. contribute to the progress or growth of1

Wiktionary Translations for advance:

  1. amount of money
  2. forward move
  1. to move forwards, to approach
  2. to raise to a higher rank; to promote
  1. faciliter l’accomplissement d’une action.
  2. pousser en avant, porter en avant.
  3. rendre plus haut, mettre dans une situation plus haute, élever.
  4. faire pénétrer artificiellement de l’air dans les poumons.
  5. exercer une pression, serrer plus ou moins fort.
  6. Faire des progrès.
  7. élever à quelque grade, à quelque dignité d’un rang supérieur.
  8. jeter, faire tomber d’un lieu élevé.
  9. Fournir une chose sous condition que celui qui la reçoit la rendra. (Sens général).
  1. Fait d’avancer.
  2. progrès en quelque matière que ce soit.
  3. action d’offrir.
  4. Demande écrite ou verbale (sens générale)
  5. signature qu’on mettre au-dessous d’un acte pour l’approuver.
  1. Qui précéder, qui est immédiatement avant, en parlant ordinairement par rapport au temps.

Cross Translation:
advance amélioration; progrès vordering — vooruitgang, progressie
advance progresser; avancer voortschrijden — geleidelijk verder verlopen
advance monter en grade; avancer en grade avancieren — in der Rangordnung aufsteigen, befördert werden
advance progresser; continuer; avancer; procéder fortschreiten — sich weiterentwickeln, Fortschritte machen
advance appuyer; assister; aider; alimenter; avancer; promouvoir fördern — jemanden beim Vorankommen unterstützen; zum Erfolg verhelfen
advance faire avancer voranbringen — (transitiv) etwas einem Ziel näher bringen, etwas vorwärts bringen
advance avancer vorkommen — sich nach vorn bewegen
advance avancer vorschießen — einen Geldbetrag im Voraus geben

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