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Detailed Translations for rainy from English to French


rainy adj

  1. rainy (wet; damp)
  2. rainy (mopish)

Translation Matrix for rainy:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- showery
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gris mopish; rainy as tight as a drum; ash grey; ashen; baggy; blind drunk; boozed; cheerless; churlish; clear; colorless; colourless; completely drunk; dead drunk; dirty grey; dowdy; drab; dreary; drunk; drunken; dull; gloomy; grey; grey-headed; grubby; half drunk; inebriated; intoxicated; joyless; loaded; malicious; mat; pale; pissed; sad; semi drunk; shoddy; slatternly; sloppy; slovenly; soaked; thoroughly plastered; tight; tipsy
maussade mopish; rainy bad tempered; bad-tempered; cantankerous; cheerless; clowdy; complaining; crabbed; cross; crusty; dejected; depressed; despondent; disconsolate; discouraged; disheartened; dispirited; drab; dreary; dull; gloomy; grey; gruff; grumbling; grumpy; joyless; lamenting; lifeless; low spirited; moody; nagging; peevish; pensive; pessimistic; rigid; sad; somber; sombre; stiff; sulky; sullen; surly; triste; unanimated; wailing; wistful
mouillé damp; rainy; wet damp; liquid; moist; soaking wet; wet; wettish
pluvieux damp; rainy; wet showery
trist mopish; rainy

Related Words for "rainy":

  • rainier, rainiest

Synonyms for "rainy":

Related Definitions for "rainy":

  1. (of weather) wet by periods of rain1
    • rainy days1

Wiktionary Translations for rainy:

  1. abounding with rain

Cross Translation:
rainy pluvieux regenachtig — regelmatig regenend of neigend naar regen
rainy pluvieuse; pluvieux regnerisch — den Regen betreffend; (leicht, meistens, oft) regnen

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