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  1. refer to:


Detailed Translations for refer to from English to French

refer to:

to refer to verb (refers to, referring to, referring to)

  1. to refer to (direct; address)
  2. to refer to (direct)
    renvoyer à; renvoyer; expédier; envoyer
    • renvoyer verb (renvoie, renvoies, renvoyons, renvoyez, )
    • expédier verb (expédie, expédies, expédions, expédiez, )
    • envoyer verb (envoie, envoies, envoyons, envoyez, )

Conjugations for refer to:

  1. refer to
  2. refer to
  3. refers to
  4. refer to
  5. refer to
  6. refer to
simple past
  1. referring to
  2. referring to
  3. referring to
  4. referring to
  5. referring to
  6. referring to
present perfect
  1. have referring to
  2. have referring to
  3. has referring to
  4. have referring to
  5. have referring to
  6. have referring to
past continuous
  1. was referring to
  2. were referring to
  3. was referring to
  4. were referring to
  5. were referring to
  6. were referring to
  1. shall refer to
  2. will refer to
  3. will refer to
  4. shall refer to
  5. will refer to
  6. will refer to
continuous present
  1. am referring to
  2. are referring to
  3. is referring to
  4. are referring to
  5. are referring to
  6. are referring to
  1. be referring to
  2. be referring to
  3. be referring to
  4. be referring to
  5. be referring to
  6. be referring to
  1. refer to!
  2. let's refer to!
  3. referring to
  4. referred to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for refer to:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
envoyer direct; refer to begin; commence; contribute; deposit; email; enter; introduce; introduce somebody to; mail; remit; send; send in; send round; send towards; set in motion; set up; ship; start; start to; strike up; submit; supply; take off; take on; transfer; undertake
expédier direct; refer to be dismissed; deposit; file off; mail; march off; remit; send; ship; supply; transfer
renvoyer direct; refer to adjourn; barter; be dismissed; be reflected; cast back; change; deter; discharge; dismiss; drop; echo; exchange; file off; fire; fob off with; frighten away; frighten off; lay off; march off; mirror; not follow up; pay back; postpone; put off; reflect; refund; release; remove; resound; return; reverberate; sack; scare off; send; send back; sound; swap; switch; throw to; trade in
renvoyer à address; direct; refer to
se référer à address; direct; refer to refer
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- submit to

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