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Detailed Translations for screw on from English to French

screw on:

to screw on verb (screws on, screwed on, screwing on)

  1. to screw on (thighten; lock)
    fixer; serrer; visser
    • fixer verb (fixe, fixes, fixons, fixez, )
    • serrer verb (serre, serres, serrons, serrez, )
    • visser verb (visse, visses, vissons, vissez, )
  2. to screw on (screw down)
    • serrer verb (serre, serres, serrons, serrez, )
  3. to screw on (screw down)
    serrer; visser; serrer le vis
    • serrer verb (serre, serres, serrons, serrez, )
    • visser verb (visse, visses, vissons, vissez, )

Conjugations for screw on:

  1. screw on
  2. screw on
  3. screws on
  4. screw on
  5. screw on
  6. screw on
simple past
  1. screwed on
  2. screwed on
  3. screwed on
  4. screwed on
  5. screwed on
  6. screwed on
present perfect
  1. have screwed on
  2. have screwed on
  3. has screwed on
  4. have screwed on
  5. have screwed on
  6. have screwed on
past continuous
  1. was screwing on
  2. were screwing on
  3. was screwing on
  4. were screwing on
  5. were screwing on
  6. were screwing on
  1. shall screw on
  2. will screw on
  3. will screw on
  4. shall screw on
  5. will screw on
  6. will screw on
continuous present
  1. am screwing on
  2. are screwing on
  3. is screwing on
  4. are screwing on
  5. are screwing on
  6. are screwing on
  1. be screwed on
  2. be screwed on
  3. be screwed on
  4. be screwed on
  5. be screwed on
  6. be screwed on
  1. screw on!
  2. let's screw on!
  3. screwed on
  4. screwing on
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for screw on:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fixer affixing; attaching; fastening; fixing; tieing up
serrer screwing down; screwing home; screwing tighter
visser screwing down; screwing home; screwing tighter
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fixer lock; screw on; thighten advise; affix; attach; attach to; bind; bind fast; bind up; bring down; buckle; confirm; connect; consider; corner; couple; fasten; fix; glue; glue together; hitch on to; hook on to; hook together; inspect; join; lash; lock up; look; look on; observe; paste in; paste on; paste together; pinion; secure; strap; suggest; suture; take down; think over; tie; tie up; watch
serrer lock; screw down; screw on; thighten bind tightly; caress; clamp; clasp; clench; clutch; compress; cuddle; fasten; fondle; gag; grasp; grip; hug; jam; oppress; pack; pinch; press; press together; pull to; screw; seize; span; squeeze; stalemate; stretch; stroke; tighten; turn off; wedge
serrer le vis screw down; screw on
visser lock; screw down; screw on; thighten bolt in; screw; screw in; tighten

Wiktionary Translations for screw on:

Cross Translation:
screw on boulonner; visser anschraubentransitiv: etwas mit einer Schraube befestigen oder zusammensetzen

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