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Detailed Translations for back out from English to Dutch

back out:

to back out verb (backs out, backed out, backing out)

  1. to back out
    • terugkrabbelen verb (krabbel terug, krabbelt terug, krabbelde terug, krabbelden terug, teruggekrabbeld)
  2. to back out (shirk out)
  3. to back out (back down; climb down)
    bakzeil halen
    • bakzeil halen verb (haal bakzeil, haalt bakzeil, haalde bakzeil, haalden bakzeil, bakzeil gehaald)

Conjugations for back out:

  1. back out
  2. back out
  3. backs out
  4. back out
  5. back out
  6. back out
simple past
  1. backed out
  2. backed out
  3. backed out
  4. backed out
  5. backed out
  6. backed out
present perfect
  1. have backed out
  2. have backed out
  3. has backed out
  4. have backed out
  5. have backed out
  6. have backed out
past continuous
  1. was backing out
  2. were backing out
  3. was backing out
  4. were backing out
  5. were backing out
  6. were backing out
  1. shall back out
  2. will back out
  3. will back out
  4. shall back out
  5. will back out
  6. will back out
continuous present
  1. am backing out
  2. are backing out
  3. is backing out
  4. are backing out
  5. are backing out
  6. are backing out
  1. be backed out
  2. be backed out
  3. be backed out
  4. be backed out
  5. be backed out
  6. be backed out
  1. back out!
  2. let's back out!
  3. backed out
  4. backing out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for back out:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bakzeil halen back down; back out; climb down
terugkrabbelen back out
zich onttrekken back out; shirk out
- back away; crawfish; crawfish out; pull back; pull in one's horns; retreat; withdraw

Synonyms for "back out":

Related Definitions for "back out":

  1. make a retreat from an earlier commitment or activity1
  2. move out of a space backwards1

Wiktionary Translations for back out:

back out
  1. to withdraw from something one has promised to do

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